Hang The DJ

So Saddam Hussein is about to hang. And no doubt that the guy is a lunatic and an all-round scumbag, but swinging him from the end of a rope until he dies…I don’t know, it doesn’t really seem a fitting start to a new democracy. If the dude has to get his exit papers, then a bullet in the head should suffice. I know I would choose the bullet in the head – it doesn’t seem like you could get a quicker end than that.

And of course it is just a co-incidence that the verdict comes only a few days before the American mid-term elections, where Mr. Bush is dangling by a thread and could really, really do with something like this to poke his dumb-ass supporters into patriotic voting action.

Of yeah, no connection there, just as there was no connection between all the weapons and money Saddam got from the USA during the Iran-Iraq war and all the people he ending up killing with them. And neither was there any connection between the weapons, money and training the Taliban received from the USA to fight the Soviets in the 70s and 80s, and all the people who subsequently died thanks to the brutal Taliban regime, including the 3000 New Yorkers that a couple of buildings fell on.

And let’s not forget that the most publicised act of terror committed by Saddam – gassing the Kurdish villages – was completed while he was still on the payroll of the USA, and that none of his freedom-loving masters in Washington raised an eyebrow over it back then.


Figure 1: Rumsfeldt and his good buddy Hussein, 1983, AFTER the gassing of the Kurds

I get the feeling that a few more dudes should be dangling from their necks until dead, starting with the Bush clan and then working our way down. And it’s a long, long list…

/ paddy

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