That Borat Movie

Borat is a funny, funny movie but leaves you feeling quite nervous. It is suddenly OK to laugh at Jews and gays now, and a man saying that a woman’s brain is “the size of a squirrel” is just a bit of a chuckle?

Well no, but it is ok to laugh at people who are laughing at these things, so you are making fun of them making fun of things. And that’s alright, apparently. Whew…good then, so I am not an asshole for liking the Borat movie, although I would definitely not bring any hard-core feminist friends to see it. But hang on…I don’t have any hard-core feminist friends, so problem solved. Hurrah!

One very scary part of the movie was how Borat managed to get the Americans to say the most disturbing things by pretending to be just as racist-sexist-stupid as them. One guy in particular who agreed that gays in America should be treated the same way as Borat’s fictitious gays in Kazakhstan—that is, hung up to die. And then there was the gun salesman who was happy to suggest a few weapons that could be used for killing Jews…

There was however one problem with the movie, and that was that M. and me sat behind the two tallest dudes in the cinema. I mean these guys must have been in town for a Guinness book of records convention. Shouldn’t tall people, by law, have to sit at the very back of the cinema? Or stand against the back wall? Or at least slouch uncomfortably so that we tiny people can see over their heads? So it’s not enough that they get all the best clothes, and a bigger selection of girls, and the highest wages – now they also have to block our view at the movies?


Figure 1: Big fat head at the movies, yesterday

Well at least they have to squash up when they fly long distance…that’ll show them! As well as bang their heads on all the low signs and sprinklers…and they’ll never fit in those little Japanese coffin-hotels at the train stations…heh heh heh…

/ paddy


One thought on “That Borat Movie

  1. Tall people! Should have a grading system or something.
    Was at Radiohead in August. got a good poistion in front of the sound desk about 20 minutes before the start. Then one tall guy comes and stands in front. Annoying. But then 2 supersize guys stand in front of him! So first guys spends his time trying to see around them. And I’m behind the whole lot of them. Aggghhhh!

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