The unbearable niceness of dinner

Ah Saturday, I like you very very much indeed. I could kiss you and marry you and have your little weekend babies. H. is at his mum’s place this week and so I could stretch out and sleep as long as I felt like…oh the joy. Those without kids will not appreciate how damn nice that is…a kid on Saturday morning is like an alarm clock with no snooze and no off switch. They can be adorable little guys, but they sure know how to ruin a good morning’s sleep.

So anyway at 9 or so, in the middle of a dream about a twisting bridge, I got one of those muscle cramps in my leg. You know the ones, when the muscle suddenly contracts into the size of a golf ball and you squirm in unbearable agony. Luckily I felt it coming and knew what to do – stretch like crazy, turning the foot this way and that. And it did go away but it woke me the hell up very fast indeed.

Ah well, I got up. A few hour’s writing, then into town to meet up with classmate F. and go see an exhibition about death in the Stockholm Stadsmuseum. Good but scary. Then I went to my job (almost next door, luckily, to the museum) to catch up on the 20 hours of hard labour I owe them. Boring…had to go into the component boxes for all the stupid text smart clips and update the lower-case S to upper case because the thing has to be published in Flash 8 and, as you all know, Flash 8 is case-sensitive even though all previous versions were not…ah wait, I’m getting eclectic…let me just skip over this bit.

Onward to the bookshop to buy the new Haruki Murakami novel “Kafka on the Shore”. May golden light shine forever upon this strange Japanese gentleman and his very odd but brilliant books:

Figure 1: A hefty read

Then I met M. after her day of work and got something to eat on the way home – a microwave dinner! I have only very recently gotten into microwave dinners, but I must say I am becoming a big fan. The range is not large, but you just stick the bugger in the microwave for 6 minutes, giving you exactly enough time to fix a salad, and there you go – instant lazy yum yum!

Today’s dinner was Findus’ tortellini with ricotta and basil sauce. Oh baby…and only 480 calories. And as I ate my tasty pasta, I wondered…how do the food scientists measure how many calories are in something? I guess they break down the food into how many grams of fat, carbohydrate and so on there is, and use the standard values they already have. But that doesn’t answer the question – just how do you work out that a gram of fat inside somebody will give them exactly X amount of energy? How is it done? I can’t think of a simple way, but these calculations must have been done somewhere, at some time. It is odd that our food and diet theory these days is based on the calorie, but nobody seems to know how the actual number of calories “in” something is decided.

So if anybody has a clue, please send your answer on the back of a tea bag to the usual address, along with some suggestions on microwave dinners.

/ paddy


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