Shifting Pixels

I bought a telephone. It had a camera. This was good, I thought. Now I can take pictures of stuff and show them to people. It will make me popular and attractive. But there was one problem – how do I get the pictures off the phone and into my computer?


Figure 1: Plaything of the devil

Nokia are happy to sell me a telephone capable of taking digital pictures but give me no simple way of transferring the little fuckers to my computer. You think this would be a no-brainer, but it has become a cornerstone of frustration in my life.

I could download the Nokia PC suite and use infrared to do the deed…except that my computer has no infrared. My old PC has infrared but is too old to run the new version of Nokia PC Suite…naturally.

Ok, I could use the handy USB cable that Nokia thoughtfully included in the box…except that they didn’t. Such a cable exists but it is viewed as an “extra” and costs 50 Euro. 50 fucking Euro!!! I bought a pirate Chinese-made cable on eBay for 5 Euro…and of course that didn’t work. Note to self: stop buying pirate crap on eBay.

I could always mail the photos to myself from the camera as MMS, but this costs about one Euro for 3 photos, and while I happily blow 4 or 5 Euro on a Guinness, there is no way I am paying the same amount to manually transfer a bunch of photos from one piece of hardware to another.

So why is it so fucking problematic? I’ll tell you why – Nokia are assholes. I was once involved in a software project with them and they were the tightest, cheapest company you could imagine, demanding everything but not prepared to pay for it. Unfortunately my current telephone is extremely cool-looking and my fingers have been programmed to do SMS on the Nokia system and no other. So I’m stuck with the clever Finns for the moment.

However there is a bright side – my phone is now a year old now and with the new Ericsson Walkman phones coming out with MP3 players, I think it might be time to junk the old hardware (12 months is old, right? Right..?) and jump the fence to orange fiddly joystick land.


Figure 2: Orange fiddly joystick land

Viva Ericsson! And their phones are not at all crappy and difficult to use…no sir! In fact they are just lovely. Really really nice. And how many more nice things do I need to say before I get one free..? Just a little one, for Christmas?

Note: Why is nobody leaving any comments these days? Is it something I said? Am I not being controversial enough? Should I swear some more? Here we go: fuck! Shit!! Fredrik Reinfeldt!!! Come on people, acknowledge me!

/ paddy

5 thoughts on “Shifting Pixels

  1. Hm, i mitt Nokiapaket låg visserligen en sån där usb-kabel “gratis” och Suite fungerar för musiken. (Men måste ju kompletteras med ett annat musikprogram förstås!) Men jag har faktiskt inte kollat om det fungerar att föra över bilder. Men det finns fortfarande inga lurar på marknaden som passar till både mina öron och telefonen. De där med krokarna som de prackade på mig hänger visserligen kvar men riktar själva öronsnäckorna bort från själva hörselgången… Så glädjen med mp3 funktionen är tvivelaktig.

    Men min mobil är också cool. Absolut jävligt cool. Måste jag ju hävda eftersom jag är bunden att betala för den ett bra tag.

    Kan se på TV också för resten. Men nästan inget av det man kan göra med min telefon går att förstå via bruksanvisningen där det också finns flera fel t o m på bilderna. Jag har varit tillbaka i affären ca 5 gånger och chansat resten.

    Nästa gång Ericsson???

  2. I’m still here Paddy! The reason I have not commented recently is that I have had nothing to say.:) However, I very nearly wrote something in responce to your previous posting about Halloween. I got as far as writing a few lines ( about Guy Fawke’s Night (5 Nov.) actually, which seems to last for nearly a week nowadays instead of just one or two days) when I suddenly thought; -what’s the point, what difference is it going to make – and then deleted it all. This is something I do quite frequently on other people’s blogs as well, so it is not a reflection on yours. :)

  3. Annaa: You got a free cable? Some people have all the luck…

    Lillan: Guy Fawke’s is such a great holiday: celebrating the torture, mutilation and painful death of a radical. Of course, anything with fire and big explosions will always get the kids going…

  4. hey Pat,

    Try an electronics shop. They usually have generic connectors and cables cheaper than the original. If you’re in the shop you can try them out there.

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