Hot And Wet

The Swedish papers these days are stuffed with stories about global warming. Its funny that they discover it just now and preach to us about how DANGEROUS and LETHAL and BAD it is, while last month it was more important how big Brittney Spear’s tits had gotten. Still, I suppose any global warming propaganda is good global warming propaganda.

And then, after lots of exclamation marks and stock footage of melting glaciers, cute polar bears and storm damage, they start with the tips. Generally what they do is to ask “the public” what they plan to do to combat global warming. And “the public” answer with a daft grin as if somebody had asked them what kind of shoes they would wear to a premiere. The most common replies:

  • I will turn things off when I don’t use them
  • I will recycle more
  • I will try and drive my car less
  • I will try and take the train instead of the plane, when I can
  • I will change out my light bulbs

Well hurrah for you, fuckwad. Take the train “when you can” and turn off your fucking lights. Well, we’re all on the road to climate salvation, that’s for sure, with people like this on the case. A big hand for Joe Moron, everybody!

Listen up people: if the danger from climate change is real – and I note here that the evidence is not 100% in – then taking the train isn’t going to cut the cheese. It might salve your idiot conscience and allow you to continue buying shit and driving to your summer house every weekend, but it won’t make a damn bit of difference. If climate change is real – and I repeat, most of the evidence, though not all, says that it is – then we’re going to have to do a whole lot better than that. A whole fucking lot better.

Sure, change out the light bulbs – that helps. But that small improvement will be cancelled out by all the new crap you will buy – iPods, plasma screens, X-boxes and so on – and taking the train will be cancelled out a hundred times by the annual Ryanair weekend getaway to Barcelona. Nothing on that list really makes a difference, and we have to face up to the fact that – if climate change is real –our lives will have to change pretty fucking radically. Here’s my list, and keep in mind that I’m going easy on you:

  • Earn less, consume less and make less waste
  • Stop flying. Anywhere. Ever.
  • Don’t buy a car, and if you must, then get a hybrid
  • Eat only locally produced vegetables, fruit and meat

That’s a start, but a fairly good one. And by all means, change out your light bulbs, but remember that this is a fucking huge problem we are facing, and any real fix will hurt us all, and hurt us bad. So get used it people – if you are serious about this, and are not not just spouting off a bunch of crap for the newspapers, then your life as you know it is now over.

/ paddy

3 thoughts on “Hot And Wet

  1. There has been a lot of media coverage here too recently about ‘climate change’. You’re right. Is anybody really going to do something significant? If you do any of those carbon footprint tests you will see that you are off the scale. If you fly or if you drive a car you are off the scale. I drive (a very uneconomic car) but don’t use it for much distance per year. If I change to a hybrid or electric I am still off the scale. I fly so I am off the scale. So maybe I should give up flying? But I work in that industry. So maybe I should give up my job? Honestly I don’t think I’m willing to do that. I recycle, compast, grow/use local produce, use low energy light bulbs, switch off stuff when not using it, walk as much as possible, insulate, avoid packaging. According to the carbon footprint scales, these actions have a neglible effect.
    Maybe the price of oil needs to be more than the price of water, alcohol, soft drinks, milk. But then there is the argument that this would only effect the poor. The rich could still drive/fly etc.
    Maybe ‘climate change’ is just the latest scare story like terroism, tidal waves, alien invasion, SARS, bird flu, etc.
    Maybe we are all fucked.

    PS. Pat are YOU really going to do what you say in your list? Even referring to your new mobile phone in the previous article incriminates you. Lets all have fun and hope it never happens!

  2. Stu: It’s not all bad. See the Stern Report, an in-depth look at the economic effects of climate change as seen by an economist. This alone makes the report interesting – nobody listens to flustered scientists, but everybody listens to Sir Nicholas Stern, Head of the Government Economics Service. See it here:

    Vast amounts of energy and CO2 can easily be saved by basic insulation, redesign of the power net and better building design. But that’s up to governments.

    And personally I am NOT prepared to all the things I suggest, no. Some of them, and I don’t have a car, but I can’t cut out flying altogether. But there is little doubt that it is a real problem, and not just another scare story. But I am human, and will do quite little until I am forced to do more by laws. That’s the sad truth.

    Whispering: And Stu – don’t use my real name in my blog! I am trying to build an air of mystery here, for fuck’s sake! Call me paddy, otherwise the stalkers will track me down and piss through my letterbox.

  3. Det är den fyrapunktslistan som nyliberala ledarskribenter i våra stora dagstidningar anser leder både till undergång och tristess…
    Satt och pratade med ordföranden för Friends of the Earth Sweden, Göran Folin, om det igår. Att det är precis samma frågor som listats av miljörörelsen och forskare kring den sedan omkring 1970, långt innan “klimatfrågan” var uppfunnen. Då handlade det framförallt om resurser.

    Angående namnmystik så satt jag en tidig eftermiddag vid disken på gamle vännen Joe Sheehy´s bar i Dingle . Av någon anledning skulle alla presentera sig för mig. Förutom Joe själv så hette en till John. Fyra hette Thomas eller Tomás. De andra presenterade sig som Pat eller Paddy. Det saknades bara en Michael, han var ute och pissade.
    Yes, there is always an air of mystery around Irish names.

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