An Unexpected Movie

Today I came into possession of a weekend pass for the Stockholm film festival. Now much as I like movies I have never been to a festival before. So, on my free Saturday, I decided to go along and see “The Science of Sleep”.

However I got there and found it was sold out. So I took whatever film was available and it turned out to be “Wristcutters – A Love Story”.

And it was fucking great! Marvellous and fantastic. Not to give too much away, it’s a comedy about suicide. Yes indeed, in the very first scene we meet the hero and three minutes later he slices his wrists and expires in a pool of his own blood.

Figure 1: Best suicide in a leading role

The leading guy is Patrick Fugit from my all-time favourite movie, “Almost Famous”. And of course, as you would expect in a movie about death, Tom Waits shows up, looking all grizzled and mean.

So now I understand the first rule of film festivals – always see at least one movie that you know nothing whatsoever about. Next year I’ll be buying my own weekly pass. Oh baby, bring it on!

/ paddy


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