Opening a new door

Once upon a time there was a guy called Malachi Ritscher. He was a normal, decent guy, a political activist with various arty interests. But the world began to disgust him more and more and on November 3 this year he calmly poured gasoline all over himself, on a public road in Chicago, and burned himself to death.

Here is his goodbye letter, a savage attack on America and its place in the world. Click “next” on this page to see his obituary. It all makes perfect sense.

But the really fucked-up thing was that nobody really cared. The mainstream media ignored it. An Indian bloke burning himself to death to protest a beauty contest gets page one, but an American with the nerve to say: “If I am required to pay for your barbaric war, I choose not to live in your world” is erased from the face of history.

I consider myself to be observant, to know what’s going on in the world, but I missed this completely until today (and thank you the Guardian for bringing my attention to it). It did not make the TV, it did not make the newspapers, not even here in “Socialist” Sweden.

But now, thanks to bloggers and “alternative” media – that is, newspapers who actually report on news and not on Brittney Spear’s tits – the story is being reported. Let’s hope that something comes out of this and that this guy did not do this for nothing.


Thou shalt not fight the power. Remember it until your eyes darken and close.

/ paddy

5 thoughts on “Opening a new door

  1. I’m sorry paddy k, I dont buy this…not that I dont agree with his views, I think his way of protest underlines some serious issues the poor gentleman in question may have been personally going through.

    Its a sad waste of a life and does northing to change the issues we deal with today.

    At least he believed in a God…lucky for him!!!

  2. I don’t agree with what he did either, but I just think its very odd that it was ignored. That is my point really – a guy kills himself to protest against a beauty contest and it makes the first page; doing the same to protest a war gets you ignored. Killing yourself solves nothing (or very little) but, like the guy said, people kill themselves slowly by smoking and nobody cares.

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