Stuffed Pizza

The newspapers are an endless source of rubbish, I think you will all agree. Today’s insignificant page-filler is from Swedish daily Aftonbladet and concerns pizza. The paper has asked its readers (or more correctly, considering the intellectual level of this rag, its viewers) to send in strange pizzas and where one might find them.

The winner has to be this monster, the Calzskrove. This is a Calzone (folded pizza) containing…wait for it…cheese, ham, hamburgers and fries. Yes, the burgers and fries are INSIDE the pizza. Oh Jesus help me…

Here is a nice image showing the construction of this culinary masterpiece:

Figure 1: The inner circle of hell

Another pizza mentioned in the article is the “Kärrtorp”, a breakfast pizza with yoghurt and flakes. Makes you want to jump on a low-price aeroplane to some shitty airport 2 hours from Stockholm, doesn’t it?

And I have so often complained that Swedes don’t try any new food. Well, now I stand corrected – they DO try new dishes but they are all circular and vile and covered in runny cheese.

/ paddy

2 thoughts on “Stuffed Pizza

  1. Damn, if only you had told me earlier, I could have got an entry in! When I lived in Scotland, on a couple of occasions I ate deep fried pizza. There are two variations, one where a frozen pizza is simply popped straight in the deep fat frier, and one where it is battered, and then deep fried. To be honest, it’s quite yummy, but you can feel your arteries harden and you do feel a bit quesy afterwards.
    People think Scotlands contribution to world cuisine is haggis (sheeps stomach stuffed with offal) but no, it’s actually battering an deep frying stuff (the battered Mars Bar is not an urban myth, I’ve actually had one).

  2. that reminds me of the time me and my friends were on a bus back to rathfarnham and this drunk guy thought we were from crumlin. he kept saying ‘so you lads are from crumlin, right?’ over and over again. eventually, we just told him we were from crumlin to shut him up.
    for all those swedish readers, i should point out that people from crumlin and rathfarnham are wildly different. this is what made the drunk guy’s assumption so perplexing.

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