Visitors From Above

Once again I am amazed by what our “media” considers interesting enough to tell me about. Paris Hilton’s underwear and Angelina Jolie’s family planning are considered vital, whereas a huge chuck of ice, as old as the Earth itself, coming to visit us is not considered to be worth a single column inch.

I am referring to the bright comet currently visible in the sky, that I only found out about an hour ago, even though I read a dozen papers online every day. Comet McNaught is the first naked-eye comet in quite a while, and a bright comet was enough to send the global population into a frenzy just a few hundred years ago. Of course these days we are more cultured and just ignore it in favour of the vile and insufferable Brittney Spears and how good-looking she is not any more.

For those of you whose sense of wonder has not been shattered by those stinking slabs of dung known as “the press”, you can see the comet just after sunset or just before sunrise. Look to the horizon where the sun is and look for the long and fuzzy thing, as you can see here (click to enlarge):


More info can be found here and here, although not here, the site of Sweden’s biggest daily newspaper. Surprise surprise. And in case you are wondering, sunrise in Stockholm these days is 8:42 and sunset is 15:10. So get your ass out there and see a celestial visitor that stands a good chance of out-lasting O.C. and K-Fed and the rest of those unbearable shit-caked losers.

/ paddy

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