Middle-aged and Mucha

Soon a summary of the previous blog will follow, with cast-iron tips about how to save the planet. Keep tuned! But for now, it’s back to our regular service…

Today I took H to town to get his weekly infusion of sugar. This having been accomplished, we took a trip to Stockholm’s medieval museum, an impressive location built around the fairly recently discovered remains of the medieval city wall of Stockholm, and a good many other bits and pieces.

We were just in time for the children’s tour, where a pleasant and interesting lady (oh alright then, she was cute) took us around and gave us a run through just the more savoury bits of medieval Stockholm. I could confirm this was the case, after having taken the real tour just a few weeks ago, where we got to hear all about the brutal lives and horrible punishments enjoyed by the dirty, flea-ridden inhabitants of the city all those centuries ago.

Luckily this was not revealed to the kiddies, and we talked about what people wore, and how they built their houses and so on. Good solid education, and I don’t think the kids even noticed they were learning stuff.

On the way home we passed the Dance Museum and I saw that the Alfons Mucha exhibition is now in full swing. I stopped and stared and my jaw dropped and my eyes watered. I dragged H into the gift shop (I will save the exhibition itself for a child-free day) where I salivated at every single print and postcard. I want all of them – ALL of them, I tell you!


Figure 1: Where do I sign…?

OK, I get paid on Monday; I wonder how many giant wall prints I could get away with? Five? Ten? All of them?!? Oh you sweet and scantily clad Art Nouveau ladies with sparkly stuff around you, I am yours forever and forever amen!

/ paddy


3 thoughts on “Middle-aged and Mucha

  1. Le mieux est de les commander par internet et de les faire venir de République Tchèque parce que les reproductions sont plus ressemblantes aux originales et le coût est vraiment moindre . Après avoir vu les originaux à Prague c’est ce que j’ai fait et c’est magnifique , en plus les copies, même si elles ne prennent pas tout le mur, sont quand même assez grandes ( 1.5 m de haut) . voila

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