Goth or Not

Hah! It’s nice that life is fair, once in a while…

An old article in the Guardian discusses that kids who are goths quite often turn into grown-ups who are responsible, smart and get good jobs. The article discusses a generation of doctors, lawyers and managers, all of them with the knee-length black boots hiding in the cupboard at home.

In fact it is quite obvious in the IT/programming world – whole clusters or pods (or whatever the group noun is) of ex-goth and synth people. Often it’s the people you least expect who throw on some NIN or Depeche Mode, or break out the black lipstick at the Christmas party.

And where are the sports stars, the pretty girls, the bright and the beautiful? Not so beautiful any more, I suspect…My ex often complained that I had the chance to have a career, and made good money, because she stayed at home with our kid for most of the time and I didn’t.

Well, actually the reason I have a good career as a programmer is because when I was 16, I sat at home by myself, without a girlfriend, and learned to program, while everybody else was out with their friends. I did not kiss a girl until I was almost 20, so I have NO bad conscience now for picking up some extra karma (and money!) for having a crappy few years as a teenager.

If you reach your peak when you are 16, then it’s all downhill from there – stuck in the same town you were born in, living your past glories, until you get fat and bald and dead. And who says life isn’t fair sometimes?

And come on, who wouldn’t take the opportunity to go to a Goth dentist..?

/ paddy (de la nuit)

5 thoughts on “Goth or Not

  1. Heh – I overheard an older woman telling a young sales clerk (who was graduating that year) “Oh, you’ll remember these as the best years of your life!”

    I’m afraid I wasn’t very polite to her, asking just how pathetic her life must have been if, after 40 years, the BEST moments were 25 years ago…

  2. If this post could be re-copied, printed out, folded, and made to look like footballs- I’d hand them out to my “friends” at school. By “friends” I mean meat-head jocks. And by explaining this- I directly insult the reader; who if by now doesn’t understand that I don’t like sports freaks- might probably BE one.

    I CAN print this out and find an American Origami book… But, anyway- great post!

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