Booze ‘n’ breakfast

More road-sign idiocy from this wide and fair land. The Swedish vägverket (traffic-and-road-deciding-people) have decided that the internationally recognised ”Bed and Breakfast” sign has no place in the land of the alcoholic Vikings.

Figure 1: Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of frukost

Instead, the Swedish “Rum Och Frukost” is to be used, as of course every tourist in the world understands what “Rum Och Frukost” means. Right..? Rum and sugar…? Some kind of cocktail..? “Please sir, where is your nearest rhume and frikist?”

God forbid that tourists can find their way around without knowing Swedish…now that would never do! In fact the vägverket have traffic spies out driving around actually taking pictures of signs with the “forbidden” wording and forcing people to remove it.

The lady in this article has suggested using “Bädd och brakfest” instead, a made-up Swedish phrase meaning approximately “Bed and Rowdy Party”, a much more interesting compromise that will appeal to, and be understood by, everybody. The lady also complains that this road-sign fascism will lose her most of her foreign guests, who do not, understandably, speak Swedish. Another blow struck against those slimy foreigners who have the nerve to some over to Sweden and spend their money!

And by the way, today is officially spring. Blazing sun and temperatures up to 10 degrees. Winter started about ten weeks ago, and now suddenly it’s spring already? This is severely odd, and we all know it. Still, it’s nice…

/ paddy

6 thoughts on “Booze ‘n’ breakfast

  1. I always wished for a ten week-winter. The perfect length!
    And today was lovely.
    I must agree with you. The whole Rum och Frukost/Bed and Breakfast-issue is just ridiculous…
    Do the people at Vägverket belive that all swedes are stupid, or what?

  2. What I think is odd is that B & B is advertised by the ‘vägverk’ in Sweden. In England, and probably the rest of the U.K., people who offer B & B put up their own signs on or outside their property. It looks very strange to me to see an ordinary, albeit differently coloured, road sign being used.

    As to why the ‘vägverket’ won’t allow the words ” Bed and Breakfast ” on their road signs, I don’t wonder at at all. It’s Sweden after all, not Britain, America or any other English speaking country. However, what they could do to make it easier for foreign visitors is to either put a small ” B & B ” notice in a corner of the sign or use an internationally recognized symbol, if such a thing excists. Still, I think that most tourists planning to use B & B’s during their holiday in Sweden make sure that they know what it’s called in Swedish, before they begin their holiday. Well, that’s what I would do in any case. However, I admit that ‘ Rum och Frukost ‘ ( R & F ) does not have the same ring to it somehow.

  3. Lillan: I agree, it’s weird that the state fix the signs, and not the individual businesses. It’s not really a road-sign after all, but an advertisement.

    And I understand if they insist that all new signs use the Swedish phrase, but I reallt don’t get why they have to drive around the country like spies and demand that the EXISTING signs be changed. Don’t they have better things to do..?

  4. I’ve often wondered what English-speaking people think when they walk into our beloved Systembolaget to buy a crate of beer, and they happen to see a load of apparent cans with the word FAT in gigantic capitals…

  5. Isn’t there fat beer and regular beer in Sweden..? That’s what I was told, anyway…and then there’s the diet beer (light beer) and the communist one (people’s beer) and the bodybuilding beer (stor + stark). And funnily enough, all of them are made by Spendrups…

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