Stockholm blogmeet

In an attempt to reach out to our public (and boost our own egos) Martin R. and I are arranging a blogmeet in a friendly and charming Irish bar in Stockholm on the evening of Tuesday March 27.


A blogmeet, for those of you who don’t know or can’t split compound words into their component parts, is where people who move in the same blog circles “get together” in something called “real life” and “talk” to each other. If you ask me, it sounds kind of spooky, but I have been assured that it works.

So consider this an invitation, those of you who live in Stockholm and are familiar with the work or either Martin R. or me, and especially those of you who write your own blogs and can string a few witty sentences together in a public place.

Comment this entry if you are interested and I will mail you the exact time and place. Or else you could just go on over to Martin who is more trusting than me and has declared the time and place openly on his blog – something I would never do due to an intense fear of telemarketers.

/ paddy


10 thoughts on “Stockholm blogmeet

  1. csrster: OK then, we’ll just call a toast to absent friends, and look solemn for a few seconds. That should do it! And so what do Scots drink instead of Guinness to underscore their nationality..?

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