Springtime carnivals


Your’s truly (I mean me) has a couple of articles out in various blog carnivals. Head over for a main course to The Skeptics’ Circle 56 and, for dessert, to Tangled Bank 75 and stuff yourself with bloggy goodness from the web’s premier science and skeptical bloggers.

Hey, this self-promotion stuff is not so difficult after all! And I don’t even feel dirty…

/ paddy

4 thoughts on “Springtime carnivals

  1. I think you’re self promotion is a disgusting way to increase your blog hits. You don’t even seem to exist on the other sites.

    Well done on passing the big 10k!

  2. I’ve been waiting a long time for thr big 10k. A very long long time. And now you’ve got 300 more hits since my first comment less than 24 hours ago!
    Maybe self promotion works.
    I should look into it.

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