Today I am fiddling with my blog, trying out new themes and so on. It’s kind of like trying on your girlfriend’s clothes when she’s not looking.

The current theme is nicer than the old one, but the header image will not go in. But maybe that was all for the best, as it was possibly crap. Any comments..? Should I keep the header image or should I get rid of it? And does anybody have any other strong reactions to the new layout?

Not as if it is a democracy, but it’s always nice to ask…

Keep in mind that the above will probably make no sense in a few hours, when I have changed the theme again, lost interest and put back the original. But isn’t life always like that?

/ paddy

3 thoughts on “Fiddling

  1. I prefer the header with the Swedish flag and the Irish colours beside it. It’s an appropriate theme for you.

    Bit more interesting too.

    But of course, it’s the quality of the writing that counts most and there’s nothing lacking there.

    Are you my new best friend now? :-)

  2. Looks fine to me with the flag header. You do have a minor problem though. Your RSS feed has no title (or description). This means that it shows in RSS readers as just an easily overlooked icon and it is harder to tell that the blog has updated and easier to forget that it is there at all. That, of course, would never do.

  3. Earthpal: Yes, you are truly my new best friend. Just don’t forget my birthday..!

    clem: Thanks, I did not have the blog title specified. Does it work any better now?

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