Splashing of soapy water

I don’t take a shower every day. So if you find yourself deeply offended by this statement, leave now, because it gets much, much worse…

Still here? Alright then – I don’t shower every day because it is not necessary. Only very stinky smelly men require a shower every day, and at no other time in history was a daily shower considered a necessity. My girlfriend confirms that I do not have a strong body-odour, my hair is not long, and I don’t sweat much. So for me – and for most of us – a daily shower is just a waste of resources and a result of watching too much advertising.

Of course, if I run or train or spend an afternoon lifting logs, I will shower afterwards, but most days I just tend to sit fairly still. And so when no log-lifting occurs, I shower every 2 or 3 days, and this works just fine for me.

However, a few days ago, I injured my back and had trouble moving. So now I have not showered in – eeek! – five days. Yes, I know, I know, it’s about time, and I will shower tonight, I promise. Anyway, back to the story – today, after dropping H. at his school, I went for my usual morning cappuccino at Café Nero and realised that my hair was really fucking irritating. You know how it is (well, maybe the Swedes don’t) after four of five days of not washing your hair, it gets itchy and fatty and damned annoying.

So I could stick it no longer, and I decided to wash it in the bathroom of the café. Oh yes, you may snicker, but it actually worked quite well. They had a large sink, and so I stripped off my shirt, plunged my head in the water, pumped out the soap and washed my hair. I dried it with some disposable hand-towels and – oooh! – what a relief it was.

So now I feel like a princess, and I would like to thank Cafe Nero for thier first-class hair-washing facilities. And as well as this, I have a little more insight into how it is to be homeless. Well, except for the whole not-having-a-home part…

/ paddy (cleaner and wiser)

6 thoughts on “Splashing of soapy water

  1. Have you heard of the theory that if you don’t wash your hair at all, it will eventually settle down to some sort of equilibrium and essentially “clean” itself? I tried it for a year as a student – it doesn’t work.

    performing stupid experiments so you don’t have to!

  2. ‘Only very stinky smelly men require a shower every day.’ Uh oh. In summer, I shower more than once a day, and even in what we call ‘winter’ in these parts I take a daily shower. Now, I didn’t used to do this when I lived in Ireland, and it’s even colder in Sweden, but it’s warm in these parts (26 degrees in Sydney right now compared to 3 degrees in Stockholm, and it goes past 40 in summer). But the really funny thing here is that the linked article on why we don’t need to shower all the time was written by a Sydneysider. I’m not standing anywhere near him on the bus!

  3. I’d feel grubby without a shower every day, but technically speaking it’s actually quite possible to wash all the smelly bits (did I really mistype that as “smelly bots” first time round?) without showering.

  4. Conor: In order to dispute my point I think you will need some better evidence that some ludicrous first-hand account. I’m waiting…

    crster: Ah yes, the old meat and veg in the sink trick…just don’t tell the girls about it…

  5. I also shower only every second or third day, with local washing of pits & schlong more often. The main reason that I shower so often is that my hair gets really itchy after 72 hours without ketokonazole. Before anyone jumps to any conclusions about my appearance, I should perhaps mention that since I became fifteen, the longest I’ve gone without female company is five weeks.

  6. I shower at least once a day. If I don’t I stink. I don’t do manual work. I don’t do much exercise. But I sweat. Constantly. Pretty much regardless of the weather. Deodourants and antiperspirants are quite useless. Ringed and stinky arm pits on my clothes are common. More than 48 hours without washing my hair is painful – itchy, flakey and greasy. So maybe its different for different people. Does that make me one of those ‘very stinky smelly men?’
    One thing I’ve noticed. In hot weather or countries, I sweat more but don’t really smell. My theory on this is that a continuous flow of moisture ‘washes’ away any dirty grime build up and bacteria don’t get the chance to start breaking it all down. So whereas a shower is still desireable it isn’t as essential.

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