Unusual French Oboes

Now here’s some good blogging…the French government release their UFO archive, and all manner of rod-shaped clouds and flashing ordinance is suddenly available for public scrutiny.


It must be noted that UFO means unidentified flying object – basically, anything in the sky that cannot be confidently identified. If we apply the same logic to, say, a trip to Provence, there I will find many hundred of USOs – unidentified sitting objects – that I cannot confidently identify. These however, do not deserve inclusion in any archive. Strange…

25% of the objects in the archive were not completely identified, which means that only one quarter of the objects are actually UFOs. So the question is, are these 25% of things alien spacecraft? Well, there are 2 choices here. Either we assume that alien are visiting Earth, a serious trip no matter how many air-miles you have, and once they get here decide to keep their presence a secret and fart around scaring French farmers. Or else we assume that many people are stupid and cannot tell a cloud from a Star Destroyer.

And since we have already confirmed that many people are stupid…well, you see where I’m going here.

Of course, I don’t deny the possibility that there is some kind of intergalactic sport where you get points for scaring humans and making them write newspaper articles about you. Or for popping probes in the anus of American rednecks and taking “samples” – I shudder to think what these “samples” must smell like…

Here you can read more, you curious people. And here is where the actual archive is, although it has been down for many days now. I suspect some strange galactic influence at work…

/ paddy

2 thoughts on “Unusual French Oboes

  1. That is well-known what UFO is, it is just a fake! It is not any religion or belief made by normal thinkers, it is made by psychotic people who had going far in their New Age obssessions after deep studies of such nonsense as Carl Sagan’s books about something which are called universe – that is only galaxies, black holes, planets and other stuff as planets and stars out there, but not any life out there which wants contact us! It is just a R E L I G I O N and a heridity from H. P. Blavatsky and her followers. It is like that stupid history about how Buddha was flying to Mars!
    I never believe in quasi-religions and fakes, hoaxes and such things like that! H U M B U G!

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