Sex, drugs and chocolate

In the dog-eat-dog and cat-ignore-cat world of modern blogging, every tip that gets you some more of that sweet, sweet blog juice (i.e. page hits) is worth its weight in gold. So I will now give away a tip I discovered last week that will send my blog hits through the ceiling. And YOURS TOO – right here, and FREE for no extra charge (conditions may vary, price may increase, guarantee may not apply).

The Swedish newspaper DN has a function (possibly a new function, I am not sure) where if a blog links to an article, they will in turn link back to the blog in a little box at the bottom of the article. For an example, see here:

Now this means that, if linked to, your blog will get lots ands lots of casual surfers from the DN site. Now this is a BIG site – possibly Sweden’s biggest newspaper. For example, a few days ago my article “Unusual French Oboes” got 200 extra hits because of being listed on the article as a linking blog. So my little brain began to spin…heh heh heh…

Right then, down to business – nuggets of wisdom from today’s DN:

Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley meet head-to-head for a staring content: see here

Swedish kids from working-class areas are thick as shit: see here

Tolkien writes a new book despite being quite dead: here it is

The pope is a crazy old asshole: this one

The Swedish king and queen try some sushi: see here

So then, everything’s set up and ready to go. I expect the hits to go through the roof about lunchtime and look forward to seeing 15,000 people show up at Wirströms tomorrow for the Stockholm blogmeet. Just make sure to come early, people! And bring some cash…

/ paddy


6 thoughts on “Sex, drugs and chocolate

  1. Enough. This has to stop. All this self promotion is disgusting and degrading. And all the links are to articles in Swedish!

  2. Anna: I don’t know, I thought everybody knew Swedish these days…Let’s ask Jesusfreaktoo.

    Say, Jesusfreaktoo! What’s wrong with the articles in Swedish, huh!?!

  3. Is it not obvious what is wrong with articles in Swedish? This site is not bilingual. For those of you who are – great! But don’t leave the rest of us in the dark. Think of those (potential) hits.

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