Insect dreams

Sometimes I wonder what my brain is doing way up there in my head. Last night, for example, it created a strange little dream for me, and I am still scratching my head to work it out. Help, anybody..?

So, I was in the bathroom of my parent’s house, in the depths of Ireland. My pants were down around my knees, because I had discovered that I had pubic lice. I was picking the little buggers out with a tweezers, one by one, and they were the size of ladybirds, but brown and yellow, sort of like the anthrenus verbasci.

So I had picked a few lice off, when suddenly there is a knock on the window. It is one of those windows that open on top, so I climb up on the ledge and look out. Outside is a good-looking girl with curly blond hair. The girl smiles up at me and hands me a long pink flower. She says something (she has a strange accent – possibly Icelandic) and suddenly walks off.

And that’s it. I wonder what the dream dictionary has to say about pubic ladybirds: my love-life will improve? I am coming into money? I have a sick and twisted mind?

Please attach your analysis in a comment, to the usual address. And make sure to vacuum under your sofa – those bloody carpet beetles are insatiable.

/ paddy


3 thoughts on “Insect dreams

  1. My analysis below.

    Interesting. I would suspect it has something to do with sex and possibly embarrassment. The blond woman handing you are a flower could be a symbol that you are OK, just the way you are. Try not to worry about your parents or your own insecurities as they can all be cleaned up. Hence the picking of the bugs from your public hair.

    Being in the basement could be related to feelings of shame or guilt. When you looked up to the bright window you were redeemed. You crawled outside – that is a good sign as you brought your fear out into the open air for everyone to see and nothing bad happened. In fact you were given a pretty pink flower. Innocence.

    thank you.
    Good luck Paddy. You will be safe wherever your dreams make take you next.

    This analysis was brought to you by EastVanEsica for free and without referring to any outside source material.

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