The Louise Story

A few days ago Sweden’s hard-core investigative journalist Janne Josefsson did a report on TV about the Louise case. This is the heart-breaking story of a girl who, when she was 10, was thrown out by her mother and forced to move in with her father, who she had almost never seen.


Figure 1: Louise 

The father was a junkie and a head-case and Lousie’s life soon became hell. She was sexually abused by her father for five years, and forced to live in squalor, including many weeks in a car during a cold Swedish winter. On many occasions she had to inject her father’s drugs for him as his hands were ruined by rheumatism.

Now all of this is sad enough, but what really makes the story tragic is that, from quite early on, the social services knew about what was happening, and they did nothing. The father was known to them as violent and fucked up; the girl’s school reported her dismal situation several times, as did neighbours and police. But the social services did not do a single fucking thing. Five years she lived in misery, getting raped by this sad, fucked-up bastard, until she finally escaped. And only then did the social services do something and put her in foster care.

Now on the TV report, Mr. Josefsson confronted the dickheads at the Vetlanda social services office with damning evidence – including their own documents – that showed they know perfectly well all the time what was happening but did not intervene. They sat there on TV and lied (badly) and tried to cover their asses but did NOT apologise.

What really happened is that the social people were scared of the father, and it was too much trouble for them to do anything. So, in a nutshell, they are lazy lying cowards, and allowed this child to live in hell while they were drawing their fat fucking wages, pissing off on trips at the tax-payers expense and carving up cakes every Friday instead of doing their jobs and saving children from misery.

After the TV report, the country exploded. The social office at Vetlanda was flooded by furious mails and phone calls from angry people (like me). In fact, they put up an auto-reply on the mail server and gave a “special number” to call, effectively turning the phones off. And the whole country is now fuming and baying for blood. And still the wankers at Vetlanda won’t really apologise – all they can come up with is “We maybe didn’t do our jobs as well as we could” when in fact what the country wants to hear is “We are lazy pathetic cunts, don’t deserve to hold out positions any more and should instead have broom handles shoved up our arses.”

Now many ordinary people around Louise also knew what was going on, and they, by doing nothing, are just as much to blame as those fucks in the social office. In fact they made the very same mistake – looking away, assuming that somebody else would fix everything. This is a very common reaction in Sweden – everything is always somebody else’s job, somebody else’s responsibility – and it makes it difficult to stomach a lot of what happens in this strange country.

So now the nation rages and bays for blood, and I hope they get it. Of course, what will actually happen is that the guys in charge will leave their jobs, take a fat wad of cash and a state pension and piss off to Mallorca. But, so we don’t forget, here they are, the lazy dicks who allowed a child to suffer a life of hell:


Figure 2: The 3 little pigs 

Read more about this story in Swedish here and here and English here. And if you see any of these men, please spit on them for me. Lazy useless cowards like this deserve nothing less.

/ paddy


8 thoughts on “The Louise Story

  1. Yes, heartbreaking indeed. The poor girl, failed by so many adults who were supposed to protect her. I truly hope she finds peace and contentment in her heart and that the actions of her parents haven’t messed up her mind for good.

    Not only should those involved at Social Services be fired…they should be prosecuted for woeful negligence resulting in serious trauma to this poor girl. But, of course everyone will close rank and protect them.

  2. I think a broomstick is far too kind a thing to shove up their asses.
    (I’ve actually LIVED in Vetlanda btw!)
    Pick something larger and more uncomfy, like a large.. pineapple, or something.

  3. Åh, nu svär jag i kyrkan. Jag kan bara inte ta något Janne Josefson gör riktigt på allvar efter dokumentären han gjorde för några år sedan med syfte att låta ett utvecklingsstört par få tillbaka vårdnaden om sitt barn. Eller att offentligt lyncha dem som tagit barnet ifrån dem.
    Alltså, självklart ska alla ha rätt att känna sina barn, och umgås med dem, så mycket som möjligt, men alla kan inte få ha vårdnaden om dem.
    (Som fallet Louise tydligt visar i all tragisk tydlighet.)
    Men jag kan ändå inte låta bli att undra vilka basfakta Janne J har “glömt” att berätta, i det här fallet liksom i alla hans drev (det är liksom hans teknik). Och då kan jag inte ta något han säger för sanning. Och i förlängningen inte bli riktigt upprörd över fallet Louise, eftersom jag vet att jag egentligen inte vet någonting alls om vad som ligger bakom.
    Men jag blir såklart ledsen att hon han farit så illa (för det tvivlar jag inte på att hon har gjort).
    Tänk, mediesverige har verkligen bränt sitt förtroendekapital hos mig. Lite trist att inte riktigt tro på något de säger! Men tråkigast att veta hur mycket de frstör för oskyldiga som råkar hamna i vägen när de hittar (på) en bra story. Ibland i alla fall.

  4. Karin: Good points, I wasn’t really aware of Janne’s background. And I agree: not everybody should automatically have the right to have their kids. Some people are just not capable of it. And I also agree about journalists – the vast majority of them are slime and cannot be trusted.

    Still, those dicks in Vetlanda should anyway have been crucified for that level of negligence, even if it was done for attention by Mr. Josefson. I realize that many, many other people do not do their jobs properly, but I personally think that they should all be fired. I have no time or sympathy for lazy people who do their jobs badly, especially if their laziness leads to other people suffering.

  5. Paddy, et al. –

    Absolutely tragic, even worse for it’s frequency, and I do appreciate you making this Swedish story available in English (too bad I can’t understand Karin’s comments …)

    Yet, I can’t help but wonder what else you (or the other commenters, or I) are doing (or could be doing) that might make a real difference in the world. Complaining in a blog can be satisfying but if it has much impact it is probably accidental.

    Is there a vote coming up that is in any way related to this kind of issue (e.g. a candidate with a relevant stated position or track record, a community proposition, a board of governors funding meeting, etc.)?

    Are there advocacy groups that are known to make good use of help and support from the community (e.g. letter writing campaigns, lobbying, etc.)?

    Shouting complaints from your blog-soapbox and participating via comments is the least we can do. How about something more than least?

  6. just me: I agree, I should be doing something as well as complaining. I try my best – by taking responsibility for my actions and trying to convince others to do the same. And by supporting charities that work in this and related areas.

    However I do think that if society has a very strong reaction to things like this (people avoiding their responsibility in such a gross way) that it may happen less in the future. We allow only what accept, and it is still “allowed” in Sweden to do your job in a crappy way and still be allowed to keep that job. I do NOT agree with this, and I never will.

    It is vital to do positive things, but it’s also good to display anger and disgust when negative things happen, and to tell others about it. Shouting comments from a blog is indeed very little, that is true, but it is something. And doing something little does not stop us from doing something else.

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