Lost in transfusion

I was at the movies over the weekend. No, I’m not saying which Hugh Grant movie I saw, so don’t even ask me, OK? But I noticed something – the adverts are conning us!

OK, so everybody knows that they are being conned by advertising, basically all the time, but there is a subspecies of TV adverts that are especially deceitful. These are what I like to call the “no-face dubbers” – ads that are carefully designed to be multinational.

As you may have noticed, the last 20 years have seen some truly terrible dubbing in TV adverts. “Yes, I am big German guy, obviously speak wrong language, talk ’bout chocolate. Look, mouth moves funny. Ah, yes, hah hah hah!” For some reason these kinds of ads are quite often for personal hygiene products. And for Kinder chocolate. In fact, I think Kinder are the worst perpetrators – I guess they assumed the kiddies wouldn’t notice or care.

But now many ads are being designed carefully so that you do not directly see the people talking, You might see them with their backs turned, or catch a short glimpse of a moving mouth, or see the people from a long way away – anything to hide the fact that the ad has been made on the cheap and then translated into 67 languages in a media sweatshop in Bangalore.

So keep your eyes open when watching TV and see how many of these despicable ads you can spot. And then write to the companies and tell them that…well actually no, don’t write to them – just chuck a few cobble-stones through the window of the nearest McDonald’s instead. It’s probably the same company anyway. Stupid McBreakfast specials

/ paddy

4 thoughts on “Lost in transfusion

  1. There’s one shampoo commercial that’s been on for YEARS that bugs the hell out of me. Head and Shoulders, if I’m remembering right. It’s got the worst dubbing I’ve ever seen, and they keep bringing it back every now and then, milking it dry… Some of these companies are getting CHEAP.

  2. Candice: I know, it’s like they just don’t care about us any more…

    Martin: I’ve seen it, but I think it rather loses the humour when they do it on purpose.

    Blackout: I already AM glad I don’t live in Germany.

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