All is Forgiven

Today I decided to forgive everybody. All of you, for whatever crime, misdemeanor or altercation – an across-the-board amnesty for the entire human race.

I realised the following: that storing up anger about people, and reminding myself over and over that I should be annoyed at person X because of what person X had once done to me…well, it just absorbs energy and gives none back. Life’s just too short for that crap.

There is a quote I have in mind, something like: “When we forgive others we really forgive ourselves.” And that’s the point – by forgiving, you clean your own internal slate and make space to go on. You release yourself from having to care. Everybody becomes a sparkling new person, and nothing that their previous selves have done can make any difference any more.

So you’re all forgiven. That teacher who slapped me with a wooden ruler in 1975; the teenagers who called me mean names and made my school days miserable; the guy who broke my nose in a nightclub in 1988. All off the hook.

Pete the crazy flatmate; that other crazy flatmate, the Chinese one; girls who didn’t want me to show them affection; other girls who dumped me cruelly by e-mail; publishing houses who demanded that I send the whole manuscript of a novel at a cost of 30 Euro and rejected it anyway; even my kid’s mother who still secretly believes that most everything that went wrong between us was my fault – all packed away, wiped off and forgiven.

That’s not to say that I forgive everybody everything, only what was done to me personally – polluters, politicians and lazy peolple are still in the black books. And it doesn’t mean either that I won’t start chalking up new enemies tomorrow; you get one chance people, but if you screw up again, I can’t guarantee you the same kindness.

But as of this moment, this one golden instant, I officially love all of my fellow humans. Hey, why the hell not – it’s soon my birthday (note to loyal readers – it’s soon my birthday). Until of course the dogs of humanity shit on my pavement, or my fellow glowing beings park their fucking cars on my bike lane and, one by one, the new list starts to swell.

So enjoy it while it lasts. And did I mention the thing about my birthday..?

/ paddy


12 thoughts on “All is Forgiven

  1. Yeah, well, I was going to send you one of those cute little keyboard vacuum cleaners for your birthday, but you went ahead and got it yourself so you’re out of luck. Besides, my birthday was last Saturday and I got zippo from you.

  2. Jesus, you are indeed a noble man, at least today, and I thank you for making me sleep good for the first time in years. I feel reborn and end this day whishing you, in advance, a Happy Birthday.
    A very Happy Birthday!

  3. RBH: Exactly, I got you a Zippo! I hope you’ve learned that pop-and-light trick by now.

    Blackout: Hmmm…thanks…although my name is not (yet) Jesus…

    Conor: Oh yeah, bring him on and I will kiss his tiny sculpted ears!

    csrster: Oh come on, you know you want some grace too…there’s plenty grace for everybody, but especially for the ladies. Hey girls, come and get some grace!

  4. Johan: Damn, missed your chance again, eh? You could always insult the hell out of me in a blog entry, and pre-date it. That should work, and will indeed be covered by my amnesty. Go for it!
    And even if I do forgive you, I’m not in the business of absolving anybody. I’m not even sure I know what it means…the opposite of dissolving, maybe?

  5. Hmm…it is very Christ-like of you to forgive them their trespasses against you Paddy.

    And your birthday is…..soon. You must be a Gemini. So, your forgiving phase could soon flip into something rather more sinister.

    Brilliant post. Laughed out loud I did. :grin:

  6. Great. I came across this on my birthday. I shall try your suggestions. One mo.

    Wow. Letting go of all the crap really frees up my time. How long did the feeling last?

  7. Earthpal: Sorry, I’m not a Gemini, I’m a squirrel. That’s the sign for people who don’t believe in all that stuff.

    ccrster: From a bad dream.

    Hedokatt: Rosemary, Vegemite and baker’s yeast, all rolled tightly in a taco.

    lexfoster: Until next Tuesday, at the very least. Then get angry at some more people and start all over.

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