Towel Day

Today, and every May 25th forever, is Towel Day. This is the day on which we remember Douglas Adams, his work, and the irony of him dying at 49 from a heart-attack while working out in an attempt to prolong his life. And who says the universe can’t be funny?

So don’t forget to carry your towel today, preferably one soaked in nutrients, antibiotics and tiny cell-repairing robots. And let’s remind the world of a great and funny man who came up with a dictionary of words that don’t really exist, but that are badly needed, such as:

ABILENE (adj.)
Descriptive of the pleasing coolness on the reverse side of the pillow.

HUBY (n.)
A half-erection large enough to be a publicly embarrassing bulge in the trousers, not large enough to be of any use to anybody.

Seductive remark made hopefully in the back of a taxi.

We love you Douglas!

/ paddy

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