Fart In, Fart Out

The Swedish Folkpartiet (The People’s Party) have decided on their new leader. (Or here in English.) They were finally forced to get rid of the odious, moronic and completely incomprehensible Lars Lionfortress, thanks to a disaster in the recent election (dropping from 12% to 7%) and an Internet spying scandal.

Figure 1: Now which one was it again..?

And now they have drafted in the equally tight-arsed Jan Björklund, a man who joined the youth wing of his centre-right Folkpartiet at the tender age of 14 (ugh…I can barely supress a shiver of disgust – just what kind of screwed-up 14-year old joins a centre-right political party). Presently he is education minister, and soon will be running his country with an iron fist.

He likes romantic dinners, naked windsurfing and walks in the park and is really looking forward to farting about as party leader for 10 years, spewing out carbon dioxide on the government jet, frittering away money on his expense account, and retiring on a fat arse and a fat pension.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

/ paddy

9 thoughts on “Fart In, Fart Out

  1. For those of you withou Swedish, Steff’s reply “smörja” means, pretty much, “rubbish”. And I wouldn’t expect anything less from a fan of the Folkpartiet – that is, a complete inability to take a good-natured ribbing and not enough wit to come up with a reply more than one word long.

    Prove me wrong, Steffi baby, prove me wrong…

  2. Yes, it does make you wonder what kind of teenage boy would voluntarily sign up to a centre-right political party.

    Bjorklund sounds like he’ll be just like every other party leader in existence. Ho hum.

    I’d definitely vote for Mr. Bean.

  3. earthpal: Björklund is one of those scary military types who could, at any moment, put on a peaked hat and green jacket and start calling himself “Comandante”.

  4. Shit, åska i luften i dagarna tre och no computer och du är i högform och produktiv som bara attan. Jag återkommer när risken för stötar upphört :-)

  5. Out of curiosity, can you vote there, Paddyk? I’m guessing you can’t if you’re not a citizen, which sucks, as foreigners tend to know more about how their adoptive country works than the natives. (I know that’s true about the U.S., anyway.)

    Dang! Too bad they can’t vote in Rowan Atkinson!

  6. lexfoster: No, just in the local elections. However I can become a citizen by the simple shuffling of some cash and some forms, so I will do that soon, and become a dual-European.

  7. Wow, that’s interesting. You have to live in the UK for seven years to become a citizen there and I don’t even know what all you have to go through to become a citizen here. We’re not sure if my husband will bother, though I hate the idea of this government keeping all his taxes (you only get social security when you retire if you’re a citizen here–what a gyp!)

  8. “what kind of screwed-up 14-year old joins a centre-right political party”
    The Swedish equivalent of William Hague, presumably.

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