My Heroes

This weekend was a red weekend in Sweden. Friday was midsummer and even though it is not officially a holiday, everybody takes it off anyway – very French, in a way. I didn’t work Thursday (study day) and H8 was away with his mum all week, and the girlfriend was working so I had the weekend entirely to myself.

And I did nothing. Not a damned thing. I didn’t go to a midsummer party; I didn’t go out to a bar; I didn’t even, for the most part, put on any clothes. I sat at home, fiddled with the guitar, wrote a bit, slept a bit, made a big batch of polenta, and watched episodes 12 – 23 of “Heroes”.

Figure 1: Many a sleepless night

Now I didn’t actually buy “Heroes”– no, I tracked it down on the Internet on one of the great many sites where you can see TV shows. ANY TV show at all, and for free, as the Flying Spaghetti Monster intended.

You don’t actually go into the site in question (Veoh) and search for ”Heroes”. No, they are smarter than that. Popular shows with powerful lawyers tend to have their names hidden. At the start the show WAS listed as “Heroes”, but then these were removed. Then it was ”H3ROES” which lasted for a while, and this weekend I found them under ”Future Painting Project”. And let’s see how long that one lasts.

Anyway, I glutted myself, staying up till four in the morning yesterday to watch the last episode. “Heroes”, if you don’t know, is a highly addictive series about people with exceptional powers – superheroes if you will, but done in painful realism and without the silly outfits. It is a bastard hybrid of X-men, Dallas and Seven that will have you up at night hurting for your next fix. It has more surprises and plot twists and sudden revelations that is healthy, and a fantastic 23-episode buildup to the mind-bending finale involving the total destruction of New York by a nuclear blast.

So that’s “Heroes”– now officially my number 1 TV show, slipping past Firefly, Battlestar Galactica and Six Feet Under (had to mention that last one so as not to appear a total nerd). If you have a single sci-fi loving particle in your soul, then see it at once. At once, I tell you! And if you arrive to work a bleary-eyed mess every day for a week, then don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Save the cheerleader, save the world!

/ paddy


7 thoughts on “My Heroes

  1. Glad you enjoyed your (un)productive weekend Paddy. Sometimes it’s good to do just nothing. We get time to ourselves and we think we should utilise it wisely by ‘doing’ stuff but who wrote that rule?

  2. That’s funny, I just watched the first episode of this 2 days ago. I spent the whole show torn between ‘this is kinda interesting’ and ‘this is kinda stupid’. I guess I have to watch the next episode to make up my mind :D But ‘lost’ was like that too, and I quite like it. Do you like ‘lost?

  3. earthpal: But it wasn’t unproductive – I did lots of stuff, just most of it in my underwear.

    clem: Yes, they invite the Irish to stay for free, in return for our alcohol-sodden corpses.

    Alina: I though that at the start also – it seemed a little bit silly. But it grows on you like a bad rash. Keep watching! But I could never really see the point of “Lost” – I just kind of missed that boat…

  4. Yeah, lost has a strong make-no-sense component, and it keeps getting more and more outrageous with every season. But you know, it’s still hot half-naked people stuck on a desert island. What’s not to like?

  5. We cancelled this midsummer, it bores me and it was just 12
    months since last time. Way too soon.
    Drove to town during the worst cloudburst and purchased 4 complete series on DVD:
    – Brideshead Revisited
    – Coupling
    – Absolut Fabulous
    – Skånska Mord
    This is day two on my summerholiday and I hope the wet weather continues for at least a week because I also bought books, loads of them: Peter Mayle, Andrew Vachss, Stieg Larsson among others.

    Nude? Well, not totally. At least not all the time.

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