Free Beer for All

I paid a visit yesterday, along with 3 fine fellows (in the interests of their privacy, let’ s just call them Harald, Gary and Hannes) to Stockholm’s premier dingy bar. “Mest” is the establishment in question, and they will provide you with beer of reasonable standard for 19 Swedish crowns, an unbeatable bargain in anybody’s money.

Anyway we were sitting there, eating chips that were 85% grease, when suddenly the barman arrived with a loaded tray and started placing beers on our table. We protested: ”But we haven’t ordered any beers!” Whereupon the barman said: ”I know, but a drunk guy at the bar just bought drink for everybody, so here you go.” See the image to the left – these are the actual beers, in all their bubbly, watered-down glory.

We strained to see around the corner, but were not really sure which gentleman it was. We could only hope that his wife did not know he was out spending the food budget buying drinks for strangers. And – come on – if you’re going to buy the bar a drink, then at least make it champagne; beer at 19 crowns a pop isn’t really going to get you lifted up on the shoulders of strong men and paraded about like a hero.

Honestly, the nerve of some people…

/ paddy

5 thoughts on “Free Beer for All

  1. Johan: Oh yes, the bubbles make me cry every time.

    Blackout: I know, and yet he will live forever in myth and legend. Still, even a snakebite would have been more interesting…

  2. I agree to that, snakebites is indeed utterly interesting. Especially here in Sweden where one survive with only small shooting senasations around the wounded area.
    I know, I´ve been through it :-)

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