Wet Week, July

It’s my week off, and it’s raining. Isn’t that just perfect? I mean, the one week of the whole year when I’m not in work and H8 is with his mum, and I’m stuck indoors.


And indoors isn’t that fun when your only company is 2 cats since girlfriend is working all summer. Also tomorrow is my long-planned balloon trip, but it will not go ahead unless the rain goes away. Can some religious people out there pray for the rain to keep on coming, and then it might stop? If the trip DOES go ahead, however, expect a full report tomorrow evening.

For those of you who are interested, in Sweden we get 5 weeks of paid holidays. Oh yes – the right-wing Swedes will complain until they go blue (or bluer) about how much tax they pay, but they rarely mention in the same breath about the modern and free health care system or the 25+ days of paid holidays. I think paying tax (and not selling out all of the nations publicly-owned assets) is rather nice.

Also – next week I go to my family in Ireland for 2 weeks. And since Internet access is rather tricky I may not write very much, or anything at all. But as a cheap alternative, I plan to automatically set a few old articles to republish themselves, one every few days. This will give the impression of keeping up with things, while not actually doing anything.

Isn’t technology great?

/ paddy

4 thoughts on “Wet Week, July

  1. Tomorrow morning at dawn I´ll preform a sundance for your ballooning-thing. It involves several tricky sidsteps and two fast spinns, after that fast footwork, jumps and heals in the ground. Bowing. The rest is secret ;)

    If you meet an Irish Terrier over there, please take pics. I hear initiated people mumble in my ear that the type is changing, that the dogs look different i US and in German and even hear in Sweden. Is this true I wonder?
    Shouldn´t they look like the original Irish Terrier?

  2. JenWho: Thank you kindly, have a good one yourself.

    Blackout: I will watch out for the dog. My niece is dog-crazy, so she probably knows how to locate all the Irish Terriers within a 100km radius.

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