Five Reasons Why I Blog

To quickly change the subject (whatever the hell the subject was, I’m not really keeping track here) I have been tagged. Being tagged consists of another blogger making a list with a specified theme, and then naming other people who should make the same list. It’s sort of like a chain letter, except that – well except nothing, it IS a chain letter. Except that nobody will die horribly as in a Japanese horror flick if you don’t send it on to at least 15 friends and say a naked prayer to the Virgin Mary whilst spinning on soap.

But anyway, the topic in question, passed on to me by Aphra Behn, is Five reasons why I blog. Well let’s just get into it then, shall we:

1. I like being a part of a bigger community–you know, feeling like I fit in. There are a lot of smart people out there and it’s nice to know some of them. Its comforting to be in a fuzzy extended family, but also safe to have a certain distance from them in case they require shoulders to cry on, or large bank loans.

2. I blog to open the steam valve and let fly at the stupid things in the world, of which there are far too many. I find this kind of writing far more interesting than the old “I got up and met such a guy for lunch” type of blog, or at the other end, the “Fucking stupid bastard!” blogs where men shout a lot and belittle each other.

3. I blog because it makes me laugh and keeps me entertained. Getting a thought down in an amusing and precise way is a big rush. Just like drugs, although cheaper–except for those free drugs that are given away to “get you hooked”. More trial drugs please!

4. It helps me to write. My writing has improved greatly since I stared churning out these thrice-weekly ramblings, and I can now knock off a reasonable blog entry in 10 or 15 minutes (although choosing the right picture usually takes longer). And since the ultimate goal of this busy little life of mine is to get a book or two published (shameless plug!) then all practise is welcome.

5. And finally, I want to be adored. I realised quite a while ago that this snippet of drug-inspired fancy from the Stone Roses describes why I do most things in my life: I simply want to be adored. Is that too much to ask? Well? Is it?

And now I have been given the power to “tag” five others with this so, just to be troublesome, I won’t. The meme stops here.

And the balloon trip..? Cancelled. I’ll tell you later. Bloody weather…

/ paddy


7 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why I Blog

  1. *Laughing*

    You see! I was right! This is one of the more interesting memes. And you have a point, attention is good, but adoration is just lovely.

    Thanks for memeing.


  2. Yes, yes, you are adorable.

    I smiled all the way through this.

    Sorry to hear you didn’t get your balloon flight. Maybe it was kismet. Maybe a huge fighter plane on a training mission was going to lose control and fly right into your…..

    Erm, is it cancelled or just postponed?

  3. Aphra: Any time!

    Martin: I shall check out the gentleman in question.

    Charlotte: Great, it’s working!

    earthpal: Postponed due to fog. I will have to re-book it in September.

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