A Scar Upon the Land

Isn’t it funny about cars? The more comfortable they get, and the nicer they are to hang around in, the more drivers complain about being in them. And so, to soothe the addled nerves of those who carry large metal living rooms around with them, we builld more roads.

Take this example, lifted from the blog of OR Melling, showing the M3 motorway currently under construction in Ireland. It passes through the Hill of Tara archaeological complex, an important historical site (as well as a nice looking area).

Now, is there any way in hell that a fat ribbon of tarmac, covered in a river of metal and fumes, is better than the countryside it will dissect and ruin?

So what if it takes time to get somewhere in a car? If you ask me, it fucking should. You think it is problematic that moving between two physically seperated locations incurs a temporal cost? So what do you people want here, wormholes? Magic spells? Of should we cover the whole world in permanent trails on the off chance that you may want to use them some day?

Oh but people will “save time” with this motorway (at least temporarily – all the indications are that more road surface encourages more car use). Yeah, fantastic, and what will they do with this time they have saved? Work extra? Go shopping? Drink beer? Or perhaps watch TV?

I know – instead of building roads and encouraging more cars to use them why not just ban television? And there you go – you’ve now saved everybody 4 hours a day at least without sticking a single spade in the ground or insulting the bones of our ancient dead! What a bargain!

/ paddy


8 thoughts on “A Scar Upon the Land

  1. What I don’t understand is why the fuck they can’t simply build the motorway round it! I mean look at the photo, it’s not exactly the straightest road in the world. For me, the whole thing is kind of symptomatic of the way Irish society is heading – we seem to have decided that living in huge houses, driving huge cars, and accumulating vast pots of money is the primary goal of life.

  2. DrDan: The Celts would be fucking ashamed of us, that’s all I can say. The Irish need to get poor again, so they can make some decent music and get their heads out of their arses.

    And–by the way–a public telling off for you, DrDan! You didn’t answer my mail about if you would be around when I’ll be in Ireland. So, will you be around?

  3. I believe that what drives some men to draw motorways through beautiful countrysides is the same sort of basic instinct that impels them to spray graffiti tags on white walls, deflower virgins, and pee on lampposts — an urge to leave a mark.

  4. oops sorry!
    I am suitably chastened. Non BS answer – don’t know yet. Your stay co-incides with a grant proposal deadline, so there may be lots of burning of midnight oil, and more significantly, weekend oil over the next couple of weeks.

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