I Shit on Your Royal Head

Looking for trouble? Oh you bet your arse I am…

Today was the 30th birthday of the Swedish crown princess, Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée Bernadotte. She was celebrated by the entire country for her sheer luck in being born into a family of hereditary monarchs. Without lifting a finger, or proving herself in any way she will be landed with the symbolic key to the whole country once her old dad shuffles off his mortal coil.

Funnily enough the right wing of Sweden support the monarchy. Normally they claim to be against the idea of getting something for nothing; they usually go on about how everybody should be allowed to work hard and do well and pay no tax.

But when it’s one of their own (i.e. an upper-class spoiled brat) then suddenly it’s fine to pour tax dollars into a family who “represent ” Sweden by cutting ropes, unveiling statues and saying a few badly-articulated words in English during the yearly Nobel Prize gala. Here we have Sweden’s biggest recipients of social welfare and all the “conservatives” do is clap and grin.

I couldn’t give the tiniest, tiniest fuck how old Princess Vicky is. If she lives to be a million she will never add a single gram of worth to the world in her capacity as a royal waster. Let her get a real job, make something of herself on her own merits and “represent” her country by getting up in the morning and wiping her own arse.

And please note: I have now reduced my chance of getting the Nobel prize to zero, just to entertain you people.

And – oh yeah! – this is the last new entry before I head off to Ireland. Enjoy a few weeks of re-runs, and expect some more swearing in August.

/ paddy

7 thoughts on “I Shit on Your Royal Head

  1. In this I´m split into two opinions which is the deepest a modern human can sink, it´s like swimming with the stream one day and against it the other. I agree with you in almost every word…and then not.
    Dependse on my morning mood or how many Royal Blunders they produce during their time in foreig countrys. If Our Monarch stays in Sweden and do allt the things he supposed to do, monarchy is OK, fine with me, BUT if he goes abroad and talk politics, frogs usually jump out of his mouth.
    My sister is against Monarchy and I have a very red, very revolutionary hart. It don´t fit together, I should despise them but I don´t.
    It´s allowed to stone me.

    Have a realxable trip to Green Ireland. Mission NO I: find and take pics of Irish Terrers. Just joking, just enjoy yourself.
    See you Paddy.

  2. Paddy. You´re wrong about so many things I don´t even know where to begin. Not only are you wrong about things, you´re also ignorant and foolish. You´re obviously not familiar with the tasks Victoria is assigned with, so to make the sort of remarks you are posting towards her is just plain stupid. I´ll bet my sack of balls that the work Victoria does is harder and more demanding than what you suggest. “by getting up in the morning and wiping her own arse”.. Oh my god you´re bitter.

    By the way, I´m not a supporter of monarchy.

  3. David: Sure Victoria does a lot of “good work”. But we could give the same money that she uses up to, let’s say. Amnesty, and probably do a lot more “good work” for it. Or maybe she spends her OWN money flying around the world and kissing sick babies? If she did I would be impressed.

    My point is that she uses taxpayers money for…for what, exactly? What is the whole point of her? Why do we still have royalty?

    Ok, so to put me straight, what exactly are “the tasks Victoria is assigned with”? Give me a few to think about, and I’ll see if she is worth the money.

    And by the way, sarcasm is not the same as bitterness…

  4. I don’t think Paddy is wrong at all. Sarcastic yes! But sarcasm can be appropriate and it is here.

    I fully agree about the whole monarchy system. And what’s more, such a a system is a human rights violation. No-one has any control over the circumstances of their birth and that includes royalty. Which is why, among many more reasons, such an undemocratic and ludicrously outdated system of hereditary privilege and power should be scrapped.

    Well said Paddy! Enjoy your trip.

  5. Paddy, when you put it like that, it is kinda strange that the Right supports monarchy. But what’s really weird is that the Social Democrats do!

    Recommended reading: “The Queen and I”, Sue Townsend 1993.

    Republic now!

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