Planes and Pains

First of all, the 86th Tangled Bank blog carnival is on-line here, featuring an article by me that you have already read, but featuring also science-based articles by other people, most of which are rather good.

Second of all, a big cheer for the Heathrow airport protesters:


I think we have all become aware that the only way to force the motionless mass of world government to do anything about the impending climate catastrophe to hit them hard and remind them who got their smug fat arses into power in the first place. Go you protesters, and let’s hope that the rest of the world’s population explodes in a similar manner (except in Sweden, where the State always fixes everything forever and nobody ever needs to protest because the neighbours might start to talk).

And third of all, isn’t it great when the stock markets take a slide? I just adore seeing photos of stock brokers pulling their hair out in anguish. Didn’t somebody tell these morons that one day it goes up, and one day it goes down? No new boat for you, you flaccid-dicked plonker. No fat SUV or holiday home in Florida. No more playing with other people’s money. Welcome to reality, you turd.

And keep in mind, currency suckers of the world–one day very soon, when it becomes clear that the world’s natural resources are being scraped dry, then the markets will slide once again, this time for good, and your well-pampered arses will fly from the windows to make interesting stains on the road below. And then, at last, we may have found a use for you.

People have warned me that I shouldn’t be so happy about the stock market sliding, because I might even lose my job. To that I can only answer – good, bring it on. I can survive on a low income – I have no mortgage, no credit-card bill and no consumption addiction to feed. How will the rest of you manage?

/ paddy


8 thoughts on “Planes and Pains

  1. Another well said rant. Having been low income in the US for many years (and still am – family of 4 supported on one grad student stipend) I’ll be able to manage. I do have student loans though, but oh well.

  2. Oh, can´t wait. The thought of putting a horse in front of the plough and swet behind it makes me happy, with arable land, muscles, horsepower, wind, wood and sun I possible survive…
    It´s easier said than done:)

  3. Great write-up again. I totally agree with you about the airport protesters of course. Not sure where I’d stand (or fall) in regard to the financial thingy. I’m not rich but I do have a mortgage and three kids. Oh well, my kitchen garden should start thriving soon so we won’t starve.

  4. Blackout: You said it girl!

    earthpal: Yeah, I realise than many people have mortgages. That’s hard to avoid these days. If the worst comes to the worst, I’ll move over there and milk cows for you.

  5. True, many people have mortgages. But rumour has it that interest rates will now be reduced to stave off a recession caused by the stock market crash, so maybe happy times are here again after all :-)

    What gets my goat is how time and time again the entire planetary economy is turned upside down because these turdballs latest get-rich-quick scheme comes a cropper. Sub-prime mortgages? wtf? A market in poor-people’s debts is something I can _almost_ understand, but trading them around as a good secure investment? Maybe I should try selling toasted shit sandwiches at the NYSE, it seems these people will buy anything.

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