Holy crap, I am so bored. Nothing to do at work, and the only project worth programming has just been snapped up by Tim, at the next desk.

bored.jpgMy surfing muscles are exhausted, and if I check my mail one more time I will turn into a hedgehog. Usually when this happens, when I have absolutely nothing to do, I have to move very carefully. The thing I should NOT do is send a mail out to the office saying “I have nothing to do!”, because then I will get the following suggestions:

  • burn a CD for some idiot who cannot burn their own CDs
  • find something in a horrible archive somewhere
  • “test” some terribly boring project

So usually I let it be known in stages. First I say to the other programmers, Tim and Markus, in a whisper: “Tim and Markus, do you have anything for me to do?” If they say no, then I progress to the layout and graphics room.

There I usually say: “Hey, Mac users – do you have anything for me to do that doesn’t involve touching your gimmicky computers?” If they say no, then I ask the manuscript writers, and finally the project leaders, carefully, one by one.

And then, should it happen that nobody has anything for me to do, I just sit here and pretend to be working, shutting down chat windows whenever somebody goes by.

Pretty much as I am doing now, in fact.

Maybe I could file my nails.

/ paddy


14 thoughts on “Bored

  1. Martin: Don’t worry, it’s easier than it looks.

    earthpal: I’m sorry, I have a muscle disorder which prevents me from lifting heavy, hot weights and then pressing them down. Otherwise, I would love to help…

  2. Tell me about it. I had to help a cow-orker configure a new PC recently – got a call because “you haven’t installed application X that I need”. Application X is a web-application. It sits on a server. It was running just fine. “Installing application X” on this guy’s PC meant _creating a bookmark in his browser_ so he could find it next time he needed to use it. For this I took a masters’ in software engineering.

  3. ChicagoMolly: Never! Macs are not better than PCs, they are both crappy systems. But if everybody in an office uses PCs, except for 2 designers who use Macs because they are so fucking special, it makes life harder for everybody. Macs are NOT better than PCs. And neither are Mac owners.

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