Stockholm Blogmeet II

All right now – this is your final reminder.

On the auspicious day of 9/11/07 (next Tuesday) Martin R. and I will be hosting the second Stockholm blogmeet.


Join us down at Wirströms Pub in the Old Town in Stockholm. From about 17:30 we will be sort of sitting around, hoping that somebody shows up. We will probably eat something, and I will undoubtedly drink too much of their fine Guinness and make a fool of myself; this may or may not involve singing.

All readers of this blog in the Stockholm area are welcome. Except the guys who I sometimes flame in the comments section – they can stay at home. But everyone else may come. And we need some ladies – last time it was just a bunch of nerdy guys. Nice nerdy guys (I’m including myself here…) but nerdy guys nevertheless.

So to all my female readers/blog writers in the Stockholm area (and you know I’m looking at you) please feel free to come down and meet your blog colleagues. And the fact that I have just become single has nothing to do with this invitation extended to all females. Nothing at all.

/ paddy

17 thoughts on “Stockholm Blogmeet II

  1. Alex: NO! Well maybe…but live broadcasting is not permitted. Plus the pub is underground in a medieval cellar.

    Blackout: Are you sure this comment was for me..? I’m not quite sure what you mean…

  2. Talk about late to the party, how often you have these things? From another paddy stranded in Stockholm, wearer of stripy (toe)socks, and mammy to a rather frightening number of Barbas.

  3. Led by the heart, as is so often the way! On the topic of 50 types of sill and not a pack of vinegar crisps, I just found a bloke from Lurgan who does deadly sossies and proper rashers and so on, I can link you up if you’re sick of “korv”.

  4. Iteki: Thanks for the offer of hooking me up with a dealer! However I’ve been largely veggie for years and never really had a taste for the old pig bits. I’m not veggie any more, but still, habit sticks…

    So I’ll let you know about the next blog meet thing. It’s usually at Wirströms. You know Wirströms? Or there are there any other Irish hang-outs that you frequent?

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