So I got myself a Facebook account. How could I not, when every single carbon-based being on the net is howling at me to do so. So it’s out with MySpace, and in with Facebook, and welcome to the new best thing until the next best thing becomes the new best thing and this thing becomes…well, you get the point here.

facebook_2.gifIt started with ICQ back in the 90s. Look, you could suddenly talk to people who were sitting in the same room as you were in, but in a slightly more interesting way! Hurrah – and it makes a funny noise when somebody sends you “what’s up?” or maybe “what’s happening” or even the gloriously shorthand “?”.

Then MSN crawled into view, followed by a few other things, but I missed them because I was busy cleaning shit off a baby. When I raised my head again it was MySpace. And everybody was like – “Come to MySpace! You gotta come to MySpace!” So I, like, came to MySpace and nothing happened and nothing continued to happen.

It still is.

So now we have this Facebook. So I put up my bio, I track down my friends…and then what? What do I do next? How will my life be embettered and embiggened by this whole clicking-on-my-inbox-every-2-seconds thing?

If anybody knows the secret formula for fun that I am missing in Facebook then please, by all means, let me know. Perhaps there is a “Fun” plug in that I am missing? Or maybe I am just taking the wrong drugs.

/ paddy (note to police – I am not, at the present time, taking any drugs)

24 thoughts on “Wastebook

  1. Hey, you didn’t put in any links to your Facebook account/page/thingy. You can tell I’m highly conversant with this stuff, can’t you (-: ?

    Speaking of when it all began – did you know that you were actually the first person I ever emailed, back in the prewindows days of command lines, black screens, and green text?

  2. I’m having fun connecting, and making lists of books I want to read, but I’m still waiting for the bomb to drop too as to why it’s so bloody marvellous. Hopefully someone here will enlighten us.

  3. I don’t get it either. I joined a few months ago at the urging of a friend at Harvard who was my roommate and companion travel drunkard for a 4-5 week expedition off of Fiji. So I joined and I just kept getting bugged to put pictures of myself up. I just don’t get the point. At least with blogs you can write something somewhat thought out and maybe intelligent and start a conversation about something.

  4. Oh no, you too!
    I absolutely refuse Facebooking myself, no matter how much friends and relatives hunt me insisting MySpace is out. Since I lately deleted my blog and other unnecessary internet accounts it feels uncomfortable to open up another one.
    I´m never lost in the forest but totally wrecked in cyberspace.

  5. A few reasons:

    I use it to contact people whose phone number etc I don’t have (i.e. people I haven’t spoken to in years).

    It is less formal than email.

    I can see pictures from people I don’t see in person ever.

    I like the graffiti wall.

  6. I’m right with you, Paddy. I got roped into joining Friendster back when THAT was the thing all the cool kids were doing and didn’t see the point. I haven’t bothered since. I have contact with all the people I want to have contact with through email or blogs so why would I want one more thing to have to check every day?

  7. DrDan: Of course not – I’m completely anonymous, remember..? And when was that – ’89, ’90 wasn’t it?

    charlotteotter: We can only hope so.

    Kevin z: I will not EVER put up pictures. No matter how many nudges I get.

  8. Blackout: And I get lost in the next street.

    Ben: True, it’s fun to find people you have lost contact with.

    Alex: So that we can complain about it, of course..!

  9. I can invite people to events and see who will be turning up. I notice if friends are going off on trips, getting new jobs and stuff like that, which I actually find interesting to know. But I agree this fad will probably pass like all the ones before it. So far it has proven to be the most useful of them to me, though.

  10. Yes, I remembered the anonymity thing about 2 seconds after hitting the submit button.
    89 – 90, must have been about then – I had a summer job at Reading University. Like everyone else I suspect I initially spent most of my time emailig people in the same room – although nothing has really changed, I regularly email people in the offices next to mine, even though the walls are so thin, just speaking loudly enough would probably do the trick!

    Out of curiosity I signed up to facebook – couldn’t find you though, there are shedloads of people with your name.

  11. Martin: Nothing like a nice frenzy.

    Johan: They could use that as a slogan: “The most useful fad ever.”

    DrDan: Try Paddy as my first name. Anonymity, you know…

  12. Well, I’m somewhat of an exhibitionist I guess, so I put up pictures, but only ridiculous pictures of myself that will hopefully make people laugh at me. Maybe I have some strange need for negative attention. Unfortunately, my friend put up pictures of me. But it was a ridiculous one so its all right. I was dancing in my seat to the island-pop being blasted in an open air bus in Fiji. In line with exhibitionism: http://harvard.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=103776&id=683273254

  13. earthpal: Thank you. “Embettered” gets only 300 hits on google, so it might even be a new word.

    Alex: Oh, I know…its a black hole of time. But I’ll just check my inbox once more…

    Kevin Z: I see. Nice beard sir!

  14. Facebook got really big a couple of years ago .. but is only now coming to Sweden as a craze for the chattering classes. So, look out to the big world outside to see what the next craze is..

    And how did Blackberrying manage to pass us by completely?

  15. FiFi: Blackberrying never came here because we had SMS as well as a standard mobile telephone protocol. In the US they didn’t use SMS so much as they probably couldn’t get their chubby fingers to push the tiny mobile buttons.

  16. Magic answer: you flirt. In an even more non-commitment-promising way than with texts. Which means it’s EVEN easier to have the guts to flirt with the REALLY interesting but oh-so-unreachable ones. Doesn’t always work, but it might.
    Magic answer two: you check out who knows the really interesting ones that you’d really like to get to know. Doesn’t always work either, but it might..
    Magic answer three: you make sure that there are enough photos of you in different situations to let those who check YOU out know that you’re not only decent looking, but also an interesting and active person with nice, normal, fun friends… Make sure you add your interests and taste in music/movies etc. as well, in case they want to know…
    What the * do people in relationships do with facebook b t w?
    (and yes, this was also a comment on your next inlägg… och vad f-en heter “inlägg” på engelska?)

  17. Karin: A thorough and useful answer. You are indeed the Queen of Facebook! I will follow your advice and get me some Facebook loving. Now at last it all makes sense.

    By the way “Inlägg” in English is “Entry”. It’s a little bit rude, though…

    And happy birthday!

  18. Ah, tack :-)! Ska nog facebooka lite mindre framöver dock. Nyhetens behag. Säkerhetsinställningarna vete fasen när jag vill adda…. ;-)

  19. I joined Facebook back when it was just for students and even before the secondary UK universities were added. It’s really useful for me because phone numbers change but Facebook doesn’t, so you don’t lose touch with people. Also, friends from home are easier to contact and, for example, if you like someone and you want to find out if they have an official girlfriend then it’s really very simple to check before there’s any bother. That’s one thing that MSN messenger never helped with.

    Another useful aspect is if you don’t have a digital camera you can save pics of nights out etc that friends tag. I resisted the whole MySpace phenomenon and held out on Facebook for nearly a year after my friends joined, but it really is convenient (and free). We even organise nights out through multi-person messages. I even got a place to stay on a ship once in Finland because one of the crew was on Facebook in the library and I couldn’t keep my mouth shut!

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