Stripy Socks

I like women’s clothes. I like it mostly when there are women inside them, but I also like putting them on. At least some of them. Specifically the socks. And particularly the stripy ones.


Let me explain: men’s clothes, you see, are boring. Soul-destroying. Women get all the fun stuff – they can even wear men’s clothes and completely get away with it, sort of like Patrick Swayze did in Point Break. And in Sweden, where men are unnaturally tall, my choice of clothes is even more limited and I find myself very often wandering about the ladies section to find things that will fit me.

It’s not that I try on skirts and panties and things, although I do have a few shirts at home that were made for “ladies” because men’s shirts look like huge big sacks on me.

But then we have the socks. Oooooh…the socks.

Men’s socks are crap. Black, or brown, or grey with maybe a few fucking diamonds on them. Women’s sock are colourful and exciting. And so I started buying women’s socks, mainly for the colours – and then I moved onto the stripes. And now I am a fully-fledged stripy sock addict.

I don’t what it is about them, but if I don’t have a pair of stripy socks on when I leave the house, I don’t feel like a complete woman. No wait – I meant man. Or did I..?

/ paddy


13 thoughts on “Stripy Socks

  1. Dude, where are you shopping for socks? All of mine are designed for men, and none of them are boring (currently I’m wearing my powder blue Hong Kong Phooey socks, tomorrow I’ve got my eye on my my Wallace and Grommit Penguin socks.
    On the other hand, I do only wear Ladies size 14 jeans from Tesco nowadays, not to mention a lot of MrsDrD’s T-Shirts (she has an impressive collection of ones bought at concerts).
    I think we might have to start up an online branch of crossdressers anonymous…
    \ dan – secure in his manhood

  2. And here I am, every time I shop for socks, wondering why the hell it has to be so difficult for a girl to find socks that are just black or some other dark colours with NO cute pictures or weirdly coloured stripes or whatever… argh.

    Life just isn’t fair!

  3. DrDan: It’s not the cuteness, it’s the stripes. It just has to be stripes! And can’t I be a sockdresser instead of a crossdresser?

    Martin: Just call me later when the pills have started kicking in…

    Felicia: Well just buy men’s socks then! They’re all the same. In fact, we can arrange a swap. So how many stripy ones do you have then..?

  4. I have a pair of striped socks like those, except they’re black and blue, to match my kilt. I got them at a Renaissance Faire (do they have those in Sweden?)

  5. Blackout: It’s not my feet in the pic. But my feet thank you.

    JeffL: I’m not sure if we have any Renaissance Fairs, or what they would call they if we did. Black and blue sounds nice!

  6. Feet are odd – MrsDrD and I agree that our love for each other extends from the tops of our respective heads down to about the ankles, but we each think that the other has the strangest looking feet ever. This makes socks a particularly important item of clothing in our relationship.

    \dan – today wearing his “Love Machine” socks

  7. Hah, not all women can buy mens clothes. Well, all the unnaturally tall (and big) Swedish women can, but not all the petit (read normal) swedish women like myself (we can’t even buy all brands of womens clothes, tooo big).
    And I agree with Felicia, it’s sooo haaard to find decent plain black socks for women. I bought 12 pairs last time I found some without the ordinary nasty hem above the toes. But then, haven’t had to buy any at all since then… and that’s a good thing :-)!

  8. Karin: I know, what’s with the fucking frills on everything? And I agree with buying at least 10 pairs of something when you like it, because the stupid shop will probably never have the same one again.

  9. ha! I knew we were right! We’re a soon to be launching sock company called Socks for Happy People that doesn’t differentiate between ‘mens’ and ‘womens’ socks as we understand some men want snazzy bright socks and some women just want to step out in some plain socks. The world isn’t so black and white, you know?

    We also know the value of great socks, both for those that wear them AND those that see you wearing them, and that’s why we’re in the sock business!

    Our socks are made from Bamboo too, which is super on the feet and also good for the environment.

    Ok, well, that’s my big plug over, but I stumbled across this thread and got excited as it reaffirms what we’re doing! Please take a peek at, sign up fror updates and don’t forget our blog too.

    Cheerio sock fans!

    Rich (happily on holiday on Oland, Sweden)

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