Lazy New Baby Wednesday


Today I got up at 6:22, shipped H8 to school, did an about turn, travelled 30 minutes back across town and returned promptly to my bed. With a blissful sigh I slept until 11:30. Sweet.

Today is of course, my “study day” but if I have to choose between study and sleep…well you know the outcome. I have discovered that I very much enjoy sleeping during the day: listening to people work while I snooze is very relaxing.

I was awoken by an SMS from my sister announcing that my other sister had delivered my first nephew for my perusal. Nice work sis! Now H8 gets his first male cousin who will idolise him and lend him money in years to come.

It’s her second baby so the reaction from me will be a little subdued. I believe in making a fuss about a first baby – call, send flowers, whatever. Baby number 2 is like – oh, another baby, good for you. But more than that and it just isn’t interesting any more.

A friend sent me a photo of her third baby recently and I must admit to not even looking at it. First of all, I know what a baby looks like. And secondly, I cannot drum up any enthusiasm for babies number 3 and up. Sorry, but I just can’t. I assume they will be largely similar to the other children in the family, and, indeed, to practically every other baby born that day.

Does this make me a bad person? Not that I care, really…

And now that I have gotten that off my chest, it’s time to study. But first a cappuccino-in-a-bag, a spot of Carmina Burana, a bath and a hour or so spent clipping finger and toe nails. A new uncle must look his best.

/ paddy


12 thoughts on “Lazy New Baby Wednesday

  1. Hope the manicure was satisfactory!

    As a mother of three, I agree. While my own bairns are of extreme fascination to me, I can’t say the same for everyone else’s children. Well done to you, I say, bring them round when they are eighteen so that I can give them a glass of wine and find out who they have become.

  2. Ahhh, Carmina Burana! A great motivator to greatness, I say.

    As for babies…well, eh, I don’t think you are a bad person. I got handed my husband’s nephew the day of birth and I was singularly unimpressed. I believe my mother-in-law whispered to Husband, “She’s not very maternal, is she?” LOL!

    So don’t feel bad. Some of us are even less impressed by babies than you are.

    ::::KBS (delurking, as requested)

  3. Well, congratulations on your nephew anyway.

    I have three children too and I can understand the diminishing interest that other people might have towards them. That said, it’s still a special time for your sister so at least make some cooing and ahhing noises Paddy.

    Think of it as an opportunity with the opposite sex – have a picture taken of you holding the baby and have it on display in your flat. Women love that – men holding babies.

  4. charlotte: I’m glad other people with kids have the same opinion!

    KimBooSan: Other people’s babies are cute for about 10 seconds. Max.

    earthpal: I would coo and aah if she were in the same country. But come on – the “holding a baby” trick can’t really work, can it..?

    everythinginbetween: A good plan.

  5. Alex: It’s just instant “cappuccino mix” from Nestle. Not great, but nice enough. Nothing like a cappuccino, though…

    ullis: OK, OK, calm down, everybody start forming a nice orderly line. Now then, who’s first..?

  6. Ullis: Oh all right then, just move out of the queue. The rest of you, continue forward. (Note to self: should stop this thread, am beginning to look like a perv, don’t want to scare off new readers).

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