Flying by Night

H8 told me that he had a flying dream last night. I was instantly interested, because I have flying dreams all the time, and I wanted to see how his compared to mine.


My flying dreams tend to come in two flavours. First are the ones where I am running along the ground and take a jump and discover that my legs do not return to the surface. I float along in a sort of eternal long jump, drifting along at running speed. In these dreams I can get maybe 3 or 4 metres above the ground, just above the grasping hands of people below, but no further.

The other one is where I start at a high place and fly in a straight line to another high place. In these dreams, for some reason, I find myself often climbing onto roofs and out through small high-up windows. And there is quite often an action-movie chase going on.

When I was a younger fellow, the flying dreams usually took me into the bedrooms of cute fantasy women who would always be very, very happy to see me. Nowadays these dreams are of a more philosophical nature, and have me escaping from demons, monsters or libertarians. It’s still fun to have them, though; going to sleep in my head has never been boring.

And H8’s flying dream? It seems that H8 is a Superman flier, able to move freely in all 3 dimensions, something I could never do in the dream world. It sounds like H8 may have an exciting dream future ahead of him.

/ paddy


20 thoughts on “Flying by Night

  1. Haha, I never thought of people having different “varieties” of flying dreams before but hey, it makes sense. Well, being that I’ll be the first to admit my insanity to people, I’ll also be the first to admit that I have those “superman dreams”. Feelings of inferiority, perhaps, or do I just like to fly high as a kite? You be the judge.

    I would also like to present another variety of flying dream though: “The Feel-The-Zen boddhisatva flying dream”. That’s where you only hover along the floor by “feeling it in your gut” (i.e. by “building up energy” in your core like that disturbed subway “spirit” guy in Ghost when he pushes popcans across the station with his mind). So with the built-up energy, you then just think about what direction you want to go in. You just float along like a hovercar throughout your whole dream. I swear, I’m not making this shit up. I do sometimes have dreams like this and it’s waaaaay cooler than the superman thing, although the superman thing is fun too, lol!

    I damn well know you other “sane people” have these dreams, hahaha. So pipe up! It’s confession time, people. Don’t make me feel alone in my psychosis. Oh dear, maybe I’ve really gone and flipped my lid this time…


  2. Man, I love flying dreams. I sometimes fly in dreams the way you were talking about, Paddy, where you start running and just pick up your feet. I get two or three metres off the ground and soar along a bit before putting down my feet.

    My other type of flying dreams are when I can get about as high as power lines, but then have to strain to go over them or just under them, always scared I’m going to be electrocuted. Just this week I had a dream where I could fly over the tops of trees and power lines. I was afraid of being that high, but it was also nice to be free of being electrocuted.

    Flying dreams are the best.

    [laughs] I’ve just remembered a fairly recent new type of flying dream–one where I do stunt work for Harry Potter films since I can fly without a green screen or wires or where I’m flying around showing the actors how it’s supposed to look when they’re in front of a green screen. I’ve had a few dreams like that–those rule. I get to wear Hogwarts robes and all.

  3. Glen: That’s a new one. Sounds like its worth a shot..!

    Alex: Power-lines are a bitch! I always worry about them in flying dreams too. Going over them is fairly scary, though – feels like I would lose control and drift up forever. Harry Potter stunt work sounds good. And do you notice that other people in your flying dreams – the non-fliers – never seem to think it’s odd that you can fly?

  4. I’ve only ever had one flying dream: I was soaring over loads of bridges that were, for some weird reason, on fire. Someone shot me in the leg out of jealousy. Then I woke up.

    : ( <-emo

  5. I have flying dreams too.

    Sometimes I’m flying over hills and lakes and through valleys and of course, these are great. Other times I’m just soaring upwards uncontrollably, right into space. Those are scary.

    I haven’t had one for ages though.

    Oh, and in some of my dreams I am telekinetic. I can move objects with my mind. Does this make me even more weird than you weirdo’s? :)

  6. earthpal: You want weird? OK, you GOT weird! Once in a dream I noticed that I couldn’t move quickly, that everything was slow-motion and jerky and the colours were all strange. And then I realised that the processing speed of my brain was too slow to generate the graphics properly, causing them to lag. And to the dream-me this all made perfect sense.

  7. ppfftt, that’s great, paddy!

    And yes, I love that in dreams other people may be impressed or jealous about my flying but they never say: People can’t fly!

    I also get that fear of not being able to come down if I fly too high–it’s one of the reasons I try not to fly too high.

    I also worry about bugs in my face if I’m flying at night, which is very common for me.

  8. My flying dreams tend to be rather similar in nature every time. I’ll be in a regular everyday setting and realise that I can fly when I step into the air quite by accident. After that it takes me a while to figure out how to do it intentionally, the secret of which always seems to be that I have to totally relax and not think about it. Using this technique I can get a few meters up into the air but have very little control over direction, and seem to float slightly out of control until I get anxious and drift back down to earth. I once knocked over some very large library bookshelves doing this in a dream. All of the dream on-lookers were mightily impressed though, regardless of my clumsiness.

  9. Alex: Bugs…I’ve never considered bugs. Now I’m going to have them next time. Thanks a bunch…

    Mr Glancetts: Maybe there are classes for this kind of thing: Dream Flying for Beginners. Or maybe you should start one!

  10. I have the same ‘continuous long jump’ flying dream (and I thought I was the only one), the type where you hop higher and higher without touching the ground, with gravity seemingly nonexistent. At some point I realize that I don’t need to touch the ground at all.

    There’s also this other variation where I’m stuck in a high-speed elevator and either I push the wrong or fail to indicate which floor I want to get off on, and the elevator ends up going to the 1000th floor at a blinding speed, which leaves me terrified because it’s too high.

    My favorite variation of the jumping/heights-related dream is the one where I can jump enormous heights leading me to easily dunk the basketball, to the adulation of my friends who are watching.

  11. Oh god, this is super-LOL, piss-my-pants funny. I love it. We’re all crazy. Clearly we’re all mad people and we’re running around loose in the streets. I love modern civilization. Haha.

    Mr Glancetts: “After that it takes me a while to figure out how to do it intentionally,[…]”

    Seriously, it’s all about feeling the zen in your gut, hehe.

    rob: “There’s also this other variation where I’m stuck in a high-speed elevator […] and the elevator ends up going to the 1000th floor at a blinding speed […]”

    Oh dear god, never had that dream. I’ve had the opposite dream: you go into elevator, press a floor, elevator doesn’t respond, then a few seconds later goes into a FREEFALL! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! And of course, I’m always on the 11th floor or higher and I’ve conviniently lost the ability to fly! So I guess that means you’re going to heaven and I’m going to hell?? What does it all mean? Any headdoctors here to comment??? :)

  12. rob: I guess the long-jump dream is more common than I suspected.

    Glen: Yes, yes it does. Dreams of elevators and black cats mean that you will catch the clap and suffer horribly. And buttons not working indicates a fear of women’s nipples. it’s all quite obvious, really.

  13. I love my dreams. Most of the time I know im dreaming. I am like many of you. I love to fly in my dreams. Nothing beats it. I am afraid of heights when I am not dreaming. I am so many examples but I will give you a couple of my dreams. In one dream i was in a farm and comming out of a house and this guy asked me where the camera crew went. I looked out and saw them heading off into the distance. I decide to fly and find out where they are going. As soon as I got up to see them I felt something behind me. I didnt want to turn around but I did. It was this huge tornardo comming straight at me. Taking everything in its path, trees telepone poles cars, ect… I thought about flying away but something in me decided to go toward it. As I did these arms formed from it. I looked in the middle and for some odd reason there was this magazine or a newpaper or something that represented a heart and i knew if i was to just choke it and squeeze I could destroy it, so thats what i did, i flew as fast as I could toward it and grabbed the heart and squeezed but I was overwhelmed from the arms, it smothered me, i failed and then I woke up.

  14. Well I’m glad I’m not the only one with powerline problems. I’ve been having flying dreams for years and find that I am prevented from flying too high by powerlines.
    If its so common maybe there is another reason for this type of dream. i know I remember most of my dreams as they are always so clear and lucid to me.
    I also generally know that I am dreaming at the time and try to enjoy the moment, the last time I had one of these dreams, I used the powerlines as a springboard to push me higher in the air, they wont electrocute you in fact they are flexible like rubber.

  15. OH MAN…THANKS FOR SAYING THAT IANKERNS!!! I am always afraid of the power lines…so they really won’t electrocute you? The next time I am flying over them I hope I will remember what you said and actually try to use them to “springboard” like you say. Wish me luck!

  16. Hey, Like everyone mentioned, My flying dreams tends to come approximately every week, and the most common that I feel as if I’m running on a road and suddenly I realize that I started taking long steps and gradually the steps becomes long that there is no need to put my leg on the ground any more, the feeling of flying last for approx 15-20 mins, and generally I used to visit a particular mountain (green at the foot and snow on the top) and that moment is the happiest moment in the dream. It feels like I always knew the way or the trick to fly but forgot as I didnt used it since long. It seems to be very easy while flying. I move in every direction, not in a particular straight line. I use to direct myself with the help of my neck.
    I don’t know why it happens but the experience is simply awesome.

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