Defacing a Public Area – Hurrah!

Yesterday I found some interesting art in the stairwell of a building in Skanstull in Stockholm. I was very amused, as this is a “nice” building in a “nice” area and I can just imagine all the old ladies scurrying about in a frenzy demanding that it be removed.

In fact, it’s probably gone already, so as a permanent record for future generations, I took a photo on my mobile and will now present it for your perusal:


If art doesn’t offend, then it isn’t really art.

/ paddy


13 thoughts on “Defacing a Public Area – Hurrah!

  1. “What is it Mabel?” … LMMFAO!

    And man, what the hell kinda super mobile you got? The picture from my phone would’ve been twelve pixels square and completely unidentifiable.

  2. Everyone: Thank you for your continued support of the fine arse…I mean arts. And Alex: good camera mobiles are standard over here in “Europe” – that and socialism.

  3. It’s fluid lines are the sign of a talented professional cartoonist. Perhaps you should ask around the area if anyone knows of a recently unemployed cartoonist, possibly mid-thirties hanging around stairwells. However, I’m kind of concerned by what it represents. I mean, the penis looks a little neglected and lonely to me. It’s not the happy penis that I’m accustomed to seeing. It hangs limp and lifeless for all the world to see, as if a cry for help. The way in which it excretes its profound sadness suggests a venereal disease, possibly syphilis. If anyone’s penis looks like that, I strongly recommend going to see the family doctor for a checkup and few shots.

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