Fight the Macintossers

I thought it was time to widen the front against the idiot Mac evangelists.


So, in addition to snide comments, exasperated sighs in the office and muffled sniggering at people sitting alone in cafés and “working” on their shiny wank-machines, I have now taken it upon myself to start a Facebook group on the topic.

I see Mac users in the same way that I see SUV drivers – people who do not understand that their possessions and themselves are different things, and that one does not improve the other, no matter how “cute” it is or how many big fat tyres it has.

Please note that I have no problem with Mac users who just use it like a computer and don’t go on about it. You are a good person – you accept that a computer is just that, a tool for doing stuff on.

calvinapple.gifBut I will simply NOT put up with the people who spew the cliches: “But it’s so much better!”; “But it’s so much more stable!”; and my own personal favourite: “But it just works!” Listen asshole, if I ever buy a consumer product that DOESN’T “just work” then I take it back. But I’ve never had that problem over 10 years of PC use.

So I have started the Facebook group: “I Don’t Care How Good Your Macintosh Is, You Are Still A Wanker.” I aim this bile not at Mac users in general, but at the cocky, self-righteous and arrogant ones who think they know something that the rest of us don’t. Yes, you know who you are…

And in informing you about this group, I guess I should also invite you nice people to friend me on Facebook, since you can easily find me via the group.

So come on down, complain about Mac posers with me and then add me and remove the final tiny shreds of my Internet “anonimity”.

/ Paddy


11 thoughts on “Fight the Macintossers

  1. I totally agree. Now, Ubuntu, on the other hand is so much bett….haha, just joking. But do you have something against smug Ubuntu users too? :D Cause I have to admit, I was so proud of myself when I uttered my first “Antivirus? What’s that? Har Har!”

  2. Alex: Nice.

    Ullis: Well I should bloody well hope so!

    Reed: As long as you don’t go on about them or bring them up in conversation, then you’re fine by me. Still, 4 Macs..? I think it’s time to join a support group.

    Alina: Ubuntu is fine, and that’s because it’s nerdy. We wouldn’t dare to try and convince people that Ubuntu is “cool” or a “lifestyle”. So why should the Mac people get away with it? Idiots…

  3. I’ve heard of a person that actually did urinate on a Mac. Not sure whether it was done out of malice or bowel incontinence.

    PS. Those are the most awesome sideburns I have ever seen. (facebook picture)

  4. […] of the Mac May 25, 2009 paddyK Leave a comment Go to comments So I spent a good deal of the last few years thrashing Macs. Or, more correctly, thrashing the Mac users who are convinced that a shiny piece of hardware makes […]

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