The Name of a Bear

All right, I don’t get it. Somebody please explain to me how Islam has survived through the centuries, set the stage for moden scientific thinking, managed to build and hold onto great empires, when its practitioners are just so damned touchy?

So what, you will pick up a sword and demand that heads roll every single time somebody makes an insult to your set of curious “beliefs”? And what world do you think you are living in, exactly..?

teddy_bear.jpg(Here you would usually expect to see a “Mohammed the bear” image, thrown together in Paint. But please note that I am refraining from showing one, and not out of respect for Islam, as I don’t respect any religion even the slightest bit, but out of fear of getting bits of me threatened or removed by fanatics).

I mean, come on now – a woman innocently calls a stuffed toy by the name Mohammed and people actually can be bothered to mass on the streets and demand that she be executed? Shit people, go get a fucking hobby, I think you all have too much free time on your hands!

I actually know a few people called Mohammed. Shouldn’t their mothers have been exectued for doing that? Or am I allowed to take them myself and toss them on a fire for daring to use that name?

How does it work here? Only animate objects can be called by that name? What’s the punishment for giving that name to my hamster? To my boat? To my catering firm? To a range of pastries?

I think that a bear with the wrong name does quite a bit less damage to Islam than the sight of a thousand furious Islamic men screaming for the blood of an innocent person.

/ Paddy

11 thoughts on “The Name of a Bear

  1. “I think that a bear with the wrong name done quite a bit less damage to Islam than the sight of a thousand furious Islamic men screaming for the blood of an innocent person.”

    Perfectly put. A more worldly friend of mine explained the recent travesty thus:

    “It’s just politics. The government of Sudan is taking every opportunity to piss off Britain, the US, the EU, and the UN and rally support from the Arab world, where they still have a few friends, as well as revive a populist anti-imperialist spirit in their country. This is dictating most of their actions, including the ongoing war against their own people. Faith and culture don’t enter into it. Unfortunately, they’re also handing the Western media a field day, so nobody is using rational arguments on either side.”

    That makes more sense to me than anything else I’ve read about the situation.

  2. Alex: Aha. It always gets down to that in the end, doesn’t it? Idiots with power. Isn’t the world just super.

    Chris: Burn the 8-year olds! And their questionable naming skills.

  3. Does the fact the teacher was a woman have something to do with it?

    And how come there hasn’t been as much outrage in the ‘west’ about the Saudi woman sentenced to 200 lashes because she looked for a prosecution after she was gang raped?

    Where is the so called ‘war on terror’ now?

  4. I knew someone who knew someone who was a devout Roman Catholic who named her dog Jesus. I would have given her 40 lashes for being such a saddo.

    But seriously, I couldn’t agree more with every word Paddy. It was a ridiculous set of events. She’s back home now and is probably busy planning how to exploit her experiences. And good for her.

  5. You should try naming a teddy bear Odin to see what reaction you get out of the Swede’s. Something tells me it would be a bit more low key.

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