Moistly Famous

Well you take fame where you can find it. And now I have a new claim to the spotlight. Yes, you are now looking at the world’s premier authority in penis measuring.

Don’t believe me? Why just go into Google and search for “measure my dick” and who do you get as first hit? You know who baby, oh yes you do!

dick-2.jpgSearches for the related terms “measure dick”and “measuring dick” also get my blog in the top three hits. And this makes me some kind of dick-measuring guru. Apparently.

This spectacular fame is, of course, the result of my seminal (heh heh) article entitled “How to measure my dick” from a while back.

This article alone is responsible for over a hundred hits a day to my blog, mostly from people searching for the above terms on Google. Sometimes they even leave comments, and they are mostly of a very disturbing nature.

So when the grandkids turn around and say, “Grandad, were you famous?” I can give them the dirty-old-man smile, slap my hands against my kness and tell them once again the story of the penis and the search engine (while H42 glares at me accusingly from the kitchen).

/ paddy


9 thoughts on “Moistly Famous

  1. I own a Jack Rabbit, born from a porn-party, the same kind as Tupperwarepartys. Very proper, very strikt, no nude bodys…hiss and laughs and a young beautiful woman presenting the stuff she wanted us to buy fron here. I also bought gliding cream with apple taste and lakrits taste, edible of course. No geisha balls for me though.
    I only live ones
    In fact, I live now :-)

  2. Hej Paddy! Jag kände en katt som hette Paddy en gång. Han var stor och folkilsk och åt kaniner, men han gillade mig och därför kände jag mig utvalg och gillade honom enormt mycket. Så ursäkta, men varje gång jag tänker Paddy tänker jag också – the cat.

    Hur som helst, kul att du blivit berömd. Den här berömmelsen måste trots allt vara bättre än mycken annan berömmelse, t.ex. deltagande i Big Brother.

    Kan vi inte höras på Facebook vettja? Jag heter namnet som du ser i min bifogade mejladress.

  3. Blackout: A Jackrabbit! The prince of dildos. Kinky….

    Stina: That’s OK, being connected with a cat isn’t the worst I have heard. And I will add you shortly on ansiktsboken.

  4. Hahaha, so funny. I wrote an article on my blog called “Babylonian Whores” which was just a really dry historico-linguistic ramble about sexual attitudes in Babylonian times…


    Sure as rain, it sucks them right in, like pedophiles to the priesthood. Yeehaw! Anything with sex in it is a surefire way to bring in the megatraffic. So sad. Our species is going to hell in a handbasket, but oh well, what can you do? May as well roll with it. Maybe my next article will be called “Roman Trannies Gone Wild”. We’ll see, hehe.

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