A Nasty Week

Jesus, what a week. These last 7 days saw me working my ass off on a deadline in my regular job and also a simultaneous deadline in a freelance project I am working on.

puke.jpgAnd if this wasn’t enough, I got sick on Friday and spent the weekend groaning on the sofa. And a big thank-you to the lovely A for looking after me (oooh, a new letter, bet you’re all curious now, aren’t you?) and making me drink my water and eat my pills. I’d forgotten how it was to be sick. It wasn’t half as much fun as I remembered.

Yes I know I said I never ever got sick. And I didn’t. Until last Friday, when a virulent strain of the cosily-named winter vomiting disease sneaked up on me. Great name, isn’t it? No messing about there – the winter vomiting disease. I think we should give everything such descriptive names. Beer would be “making dizzy drink”, condoms would be “floppy sperm catcher” and Jodie Foster would be “look, I don’t care if she’s gay or not, she’s still really really annoying”.

I was convinced it was food poisoning. In fact, I was so sure of it that I neglected to stay at home and wandered around town infecting people, leaving a mile-wide zone of terror and puking in my wake. Sorry ’bout that people. Oops, I might add.

tree0006.jpg So anyway while sick, pale and panting I worked at every available moment and finally today could feel the pressure lifting. So to celebrate I erected (ahem) a plastic Christmas tree, and with the bemused help of H8 adorned it with plastic balls and glitter.

Pop some presents underneath and there we have it – instant Christmas cheer. That should see me through to January. Or at least until December 28 when the Brandy runs out and I am reduced to burning the Ikea furniture for warmth, and end up having conversations with balls with faces painted on them.

Nice to know that I am only a mere mortal after all. I was getting worried there for a minute.

/ paddy

13 thoughts on “A Nasty Week

  1. Sorry about yer barfin’ Paddy, but it cheers me to learn that the Gyrella Greek Fast Food Joint didn’t in fact pass you a dodgy souvlaki. Else, I’d feel guilty about taking you there.

  2. Martin: Still can’t face Greek food any more, though…

    acb: I was thinking of Tom Hamks in that movie when he painted a face on his ball. You know the one I mean – Philadelphia, right..?

    Blackout: And I intend to die as slowly as possible.

  3. Hey, you got a clear case of the Murphy’s. You can’t actuallt -say- you don’t get sick, then you surely will be! “Nice” to see that it effects someone else than me..

  4. Jodie Foster, gay? Who knew? Well, actually I knew all along but I guess some people aren’t too swift, hehe. Like, look how long it took for people to realize that George Michael and Elton John were gay. I mean, come on, people! Connect the dots! Argh.

    Watching her in the Disney movie Freaky Friday when I was a wee gay told me clearly that she was batting for the other team already.

    And as for the similar controversy surrounding Anderson Cooper’s sexuality, sure the man is cute in a mature kind of way but I’ve made it a policy to never date christians, bisexuals or employees at CNN. It’s just easier that way.

  5. ullis: You betcha!

    Glen Gordon: I wish I knew who Anderson Cooper was. And what’s wrong with the CNN people? Pert and fresh and sweet-smelling, the lot of them.

  6. wtf? – you totally swore to me it was food poisoning! I am glad i quickly left the office then…

    The painted ball is in “Outcast” by the way – not Philadelphia

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