A Weekend in Provence

So I’m back from France. And now I finally understand the whole thing with Provence. Holy shit it’s great down there.


Normally I avoid the “look-what-I-did-yesterday” type of blog entry, but come on now – Provence! How can I resist throwing a few photos at you?

Just click the images hereafter to embiggen them.



All other details are classified, except to say that I may start to cry at any time now that the weekend is over.

/ paddy

7 thoughts on “A Weekend in Provence

  1. Vackert!
    I brist på annat – inte lika fint men i alla fall FINT – kan jag rekommendera Långholmen.
    Funderar nästan på att flytta till Hornstull efter en mestadels molnig söndagspromenad bara för att komma lite närmare.
    Och om ett par månader blommar körsbärsträden, lönnarna och slånbuskarna där… åh!

  2. Karin: Oooh I love Långholmen and Reimersholm! I used to live in Hornstull and I would very much like to move back. Some day, perhaps.

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