Slagging Off the Left

christ.jpgIt has been pointed out to me that I spend a lot of time slagging off the right-wing parties in Sweden, and in the world in general. This is probably a little one-sided for a person who claims to be suspicious of most politicians.

And it is, I suppose, but it’s just that the people with the power are always such juicy targets and the power in Sweden at the moment rests in the hands of the centre-right alliance with the snappy name of “The Alliance”. So they tend to bear the brunt of my assaults, like it or not.

However, don’t you imagine for a moment that I am not prepared to lay into the left with an equal vigour and vim. Like their dress sense, for instance. Since when has it been considered central to socialism that you dress extremely badly?

Come on, you know what I’m talking about, oh yes you do. The entire spectrum of leftism, from the grass roots to the people waving their fists on the podiums, is plagued by a staggering inability to match more than 2 pieces of fabric.

And it’s not just the clothes: it’s the shoes; it’s the hair; and it’s the facial hair. Is this perhaps some attempt to be endearing? To create trust? To show us how “down to earth” they are? Because I do not recall ever seeing a photo of Marx or Engels in a chunky-knit sweater, scraggly ponytail and pair of second-hand combat boots. And if you have one, please let me see it.

Fidel Castro is a case in point – yes Fidel, green military IS still “in” – as are the swarms of “alternative” kids swarming about town with their Palestinian scarves (made in China) and their meticulously unwashed hair. But I am not sure why dressing like a reject from a circus highlights your connection to socialist ideals, especially when your parents have 2 cars and a boat between them and subsidise your radical lifestyle with regular injections of cash.


Above you see a few examples Behold: Göran Greider, famed Swedish leftist journalist; Lars Ohly, the leader of the Swedish Left Party; some 20-year old who will end up working in Daddy’s bank one day; and, well, the last one sort of speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Now I’m not saying anything at all about these mens’ personality, intelligence or integrity. All I’m saying here is – look at the state of them. Are we supposed to pass control of a country to people who think that “combat” is a colour and cannot even find their way down the road to a proper hairdresser?

Seriously people, get it into your heads – we will not trust you any less because you start dressing like a grown-up. Really, we won’t. And is “alternative” really “alternative” if you just go and dress like all the rest of your crusty friends? The political left are badly in need an afternoon with Trinny and Susannah followed by a good slapping about and a trip to Carlings.

And now let it not be said that I am not an equal opportunity slagger. Next please?

/ paddy

7 thoughts on “Slagging Off the Left

  1. Ben: Yes! And naked people can’t lie!

    charlotte: Better than green combat fatigues, I suppose…

    csrster: I suppose Chavez does some some clue.

    Blackout: It wasn’t easy!

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