My Lance Waves Free

So I started my own company a few months ago in order to take on freelance assignments, have more control over how I work and take my first steps into the murky world of fiddling my expenses.

freelance.jpgNerdy paragraph warning: I am a freelance Flash developer, which means I get to do all manner of kinky web tools and banners and even games. It is highly skilled and slightly incomprehensible work and I quite happily charge through the nose for it. Nerdy paragraph ends.

The tax rate in Sweden is rather ridiculously high – much more than half of what I earn on a project goes to the big grey building in town where such things are calculated.

However, there are many bright sides. Since I already have a day job, any money I earn goes directly to those nice people at the Bishop’s Arms. I get to decide who I work with and have a lot more creative freedom.

I also have the option of writing off things against tax. So every single piece of electronics purchased (cameras, laptops, shiny Christmas gifts) is essentially free.

And on top of that, I can write off eating out in restaurants as “customer representation”. If I pay close attention, and keep the tax rolling in, I could in theory eat out for free forever.

It’s an odd system – pay tax and then be practically forced to buy stuff in order to claim it back. Now I have started to see it as a “waste” if I don’t find something to blow my tax dollars on.

The dream situation would be to quit my current job, find something entirely unrelated to do a few days a week and make up the difference by freelancing. Then I could move to that house in the country (with a certain someone) and settle down to produce babies, carrots, novels and kinky Flash banners.

So what, exactly, am I waiting for?

/ paddy

6 thoughts on “My Lance Waves Free

  1. Having just left freelancing for a 8-4 job, I was wondering if the business expense system works different there. Here I could deduct the expenses from my income, to reduce my tax. But that only means I save my tax rate times the cost of the expense. Of course for you that may be 50%, but it still wouldn’t be free.

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