The Diesel Top Blues

Those of you who are paying attention may recall my poignant story about a certain Diesel top and a certain incompetent tailor. I mentioned then that I occasionally haunt eBay looking for a replacement, but that I rarely find one.

Well I found one yesterday. The size was correct, the style was correct – everything in fact was correct except for one small detail. It was baby blue. But, in my feverish shopping frenzy, this didn’t stop me, oh no sir it did not.


And now I am the rather bemused owner of a pastel blue Diesel top, which as we speak is winging its way here from the UK. Total impulse shopping price: 12 pounds including postage. Not bad for a Diesel garment, but perhaps a tad too much for one that I will probably never wear.

As I pushed the “buy” button I had visions of dying the top from blue to dark grey. “Yes,” I mused, “It is but a bagatelle. Any dyer worth their salt will surely manage it.” And to help them along I have fiddled with photoshop and produced the above image showing the colour I actually want.

This isn’t impossible, surely? Somebody out there – please, anybody at all! – must know of a place in the Stockholm area that will dye clothes for hopeless eBay addicts in exchange for currency. How hard can it be?

And if not, then at least I have learned myself a valuable lesson. And 12 pounds for a valuable lesson is also quite a bargain. Right?

/ paddy

9 thoughts on “The Diesel Top Blues

  1. You can also call it light jeans blue. I´m sure it looks great with a pair of old wear jeans with small holes on the knees. It´s sexy!

  2. Well, here’s some advice but I want you to sign a disclaimer in case it all goes horribly wrong. I’ve dyed a few garments in my time and I use Dylon because you simply put it in your washing machine with the garment, along with a pile of salt, wash it at 40 degrees then wash it again using your usual washing powder. The dye doesn’t harm the machine and the results have always been great. Ideal for those black clothes that often fade to a dirty grey colour.

    The average cost for a dye is about £5 and there’s even a website and they will deliver but I’m afraid the cost of your Diesel thingy is going up and up. Personally, I think the light blue looks fine.

  3. What is it made of? If it’s a natural fibre, especially cotton, dying should be no problem. Since you’re trying to go from a fairly light blue, picking a dye to use shouldn’t be too hard, considering you obviously won’t have a problem with it coming out too “muddy” or brown! But if you’re concerned about doing it yourself, you might get lucky and find a local dry-cleaner that can do it for you. I don’t know how common it is, anymore. So barring that, what size is it :-p

  4. Lustigt! Precis en sån var jag helt kär i för några år sen… köpte den inte eftersom jag av princip inte köper kläder med loggor på. Men jag var väldigt sugen, länge, den är snygg! Och just idag nämnde jag den för min bror..: åååh, den där dieseltröjan som jag ville ha….
    Om att färga: om du tycker att svart med babyblåa sömmar är okej, färga! Om du inte tycker att det är okej; kolla först att tråden den är sydd med går att färga in… man syr ofta bomullskläder med syntettråd (starkare och billigare). Syntettråd tar ofta inte åt sig färg. Har råkat ut för att färga en röd tröja svart och få en svart tröja med röda revärer.
    Nitor har bra tvättmaskinsfärg (låter som Dylon).
    Annars blir blått ändå stort i vår, det är jag helt övertygad om!

  5. Blackout: I like it when ladies call me sexy!

    earthpal: Thanks for tips!

    Candice: And thank you too! And’s what the deal with the blogging? Has real life asserted itself?

    Karin: You should have bought, the logo is very subtle. And it’s soooo nice to wear. And if this one doesn’t suit me, maybe you’re in the market to buy one second-hand? Good price, friend price..!

  6. Dyeing to buy it on E-bay!

    Blah – Pat – STOP and try it on first! You may find that it goes with your eyes and that you won’t want to dye it… You won’t know until you have tried it!

    Wear it on Monday and I’ll give you an honest opinion. :-)

  7. Ellaella: It’s a pale blue. The colour’s not bad but there’s a bigger problem – it’s slightly too small for me. Not much I can do about that. Damn it. :-(

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