Sir Clarke

acc.jpgSo yesterday we lost Arthur C. Clarke. For those of you not aware of science fiction, let me just say that this gent was a writer and a visionary and one of those responsible for building sf into a genre capable of standing with any other.

And that whole thing with the little boys … well, let’s just give the dead guy the benefit of the doubt, and say no more about it.

So thank you Mr. Clarke for opening a whole many doors and, indeed, for inventing quite a few others.

/ paddy


7 thoughts on “Sir Clarke

  1. So, he’s starting his final odyssey …

    I’ll miss you Arthur!

    And BTW, did you know that he used a Mac to write his books?

  2. FiFi: “Yes, but when he couldn’t find the keyboard to his brain, then he used a Mac… and his fingers…”

    Yes, he did use a Mac… as a paperweight. You can’t write a book on your PC with the window open without a good paperweight, I always say.

  3. Martin: When they give us back our land, and our spuds, I will gladly call him Sir Arthur.

    Glen Gordon: Indeed. They can also be used to crack open nuts.

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