Masters Interrupted

Well I have finally admitted to myself that I will not finish my masters. Yes, yes, I know – put the rolling pin down mother and let me explain.

The problem is I am very interested in learning things, but not so interested in the whole getting-the-paper part. During my one-year return to school I learned about alternative energy, steam engines, gas turbines, solar power and all manner of energy production (or, more properly, conversion). I also learned that Thursday in Sweden means pea soup, and that Finland is not a country in which to buy fruit.

I also met a group of very nice people from all over the world. And, honestly, sitting writing a bunch of stuff on a rather boring topic just to get my letters does not really appeal to me. Life’s too short and I’m interested in other stuff now. I don’t really think I will work in this area, or do any research, and, with a shiny new job starting up next month, I don’t have any financial incentive to do so.

So I will finally put my poor old thesis to rest. For the moment, at least. And now the fate of all those oil well geothermal systems will never be known.

And I will go quietly and join the swelling ranks of those who have put their theses on hold (you know who you are) and will get back to them one day, oh yes they will, one fine day.

/ paddy

12 thoughts on “Masters Interrupted

  1. […] is I am very interested in learning things, but not so interested in the whole getting-the-pa has high renewable energy potential The Farmington Daily TimesFARMINGTON ?? San Juan County […]

  2. I don’t really know if it counts as a thesis, but I still haven’t finished my A-uppsats, whatever that’s called in english. Five weeks of research, just fizzled out in boredom and eight pages short of a full essay(?). I don’t think I’ll ever finish it as I’ve changed my direction in life.

  3. Martin: OK, now we’re setting the bar for “other stuff” pretty high…

    ullis: Let’s swap – I’ll finish yours and you get to find out all you want to know about geothermal power.

  4. Oh, antsy about writing eight pages about bronze age (I think, don’t even remember..) in Grötlingbo parish on Gotland? I can tell you, I’m not.

    And geothermal power. I don’t know why the word “fart” comes to mind…

  5. Changes. Life is wonderful.
    And money makes the world go around, the world go around…and the geothermal system will be there. If.
    Have you noticed it´s soon summer :-)

  6. As the guy who finally finished his masters’ last year – after letting it lie around for four years after I started working – I guess I should just keep my trap shut. The way I see it, life’s a game and whoever finishes with the most letters after their name wins.

    csrster, BA,MA,PhD,MSc,SCJP

  7. Jesus Paddyk, finish the goddamn thesis. What do you want, a secretary, a team of researchers, a fucking writer’s retreat in the arctic circle? Just write it.

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