Sleeping in Airports

On next Wednesday, the 30th day of April, I will take my fair lady on her very first trip to the ould country. And, as an introduction to Irish planning and our general outlook on life, we will be spending a night in an airport.

Now this is not as crappy as it sounds (although still undeniably fairly crappy). Using the services provided by Mr. Ryan and his fleet of flying contraptions, we will be transporting ourselves to Stanstead airport. And then we will have to sit and wait 7 hours until our next flight, to Cork, at 6 something or other in the morning,

This gives us 2 options: trying to find a hotel at midnight within range of Stanstead and paying a fortune to stay there for only 4 hours; or simply hunkering down in the airport and trying to pass the time until we can get on the aeroplane and haul ass to Cork.

So option 2 it is, and I am glad to report that we will not be alone. Every night a whole lot of people sleep in Stanstead while waiting for Mr. Ryan to warm up his aircraft. In fact, there are whole websites devoted to the topic of sleeping in airports, where the facilities are rated according to comfort, friendliness, hardness of floor and so on. Stanstead, apparebtly, is not too bad if you get there early and grab the least uncomfortable plastic benches.

We will not be there early. But luckily there is at least one cafe open all night so I aim to bring a computer and, while my brain is frazzled by lack of sleep, try to write something creative. But if A, on the other hand, doesn’t fancy joining me sitting up in a cafe until the wee hours (and why should she) I will try to placate her with a sleeping bag and a set of fresh earplugs and the least hard bench I can locate. I can only hope she doesn’t call the whole thing off when she sees what her cheap Irish boyfriend’s idea of a fun evening turns out to be.

/ paddy


11 thoughts on “Sleeping in Airports

  1. Hey. I don’t know if it’s me that’s incompetent or if there isn’t a way to comment on your how to measure penile manliness post, but that Anonomys dude, I think I’ve had him on MSN. This dude went on and on about his 24cms of attention whore aid and tried to meet me in both Sthlm and Visby, so he could “show you my dick so you can admire it” and “take a drink”, actually meaning “show you my dick so you can admire it”.

    Ick. Bigger isn’t better, I say.

  2. ullis: Well actually I shut off the comments on that one – was getting sick of all the pervoids. And all I got on Mr. “anonymous” is his IP number, and he comes from the east coast of the US. But if you like, I can ask to see his dick, bring him over here and then we can all thump the crap into him. It’s the only way he’ll learn.

  3. Well, at least you can change at Stansted. I am trying to persuade Mr Ryan to help me on the way to Norrland this summer, and it seems to be impossible without a night in Stockholm. Still, I suppose there are worse fates …

  4. […] and our general outlook on life, we will be spending a night in an airport. Now this is not as crap Airports says interested in Gatwick buy in event of BAA break-up SharewatchLONDON Thomson […]

  5. Oh, I’ve done the night at Stansted – grim! Stayed awake all night watching a seamingly endless trail of orthodox jews – random and bizarre. Then, once on the flight to Cork, fell sound asleep and walloped my head off the seat in front of me, much to the horror of the business man next to me.

    Enjoy! :-)

  6. Niamh: It went fine actually. We had the company of about 150 other people, all trying to sleep. I mostly read and walked around. Slightly boring, but a good book helped pass the time.

  7. Ah yes. I was utterly disorganised and missed my connecting flight from Rome then had to pay Ryan Scare £90 for the pleasure of flying back at 6am the next day. I was on my own too. So, totally different. And, good books make all the difference – very true.

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