At Home with Me

Today I made an important discovery. I found that I like things to be tidy.

It happened like this – due to a not unrelated situation involving crying, rings and heartache, I have been on a big spring cleaning session. Me and H9 cleaned the whole flat today, top to bottom, and it felt good. H9 went to his sleepover at Martin’s and I retired to the flat, alone and far too thoughtful.

I walked in the door and was immediately covered in calm. It was a fucking epiphany! There were no dishes, no papers on the table, no crumbs on the floor. Everything was shiny and clean and in its right place and it felt just excellent.

And then it struck me – I love it like this! Flowers on the table, chairs in a neat row, ugly crap out of the way. All very very nice indeed.

Then I tried something out. I had 2 small rugs from Ikea, which have been kind of floating around up to now. And, in a momentary moment of madness, I decide to put one on the floor and one on the wall.

Here they are, and I will let you people decide.

So, am I completely off my tree, or does it actually work?

/ paddy

7 thoughts on “At Home with Me

  1. I think it works just fine as a little eclectic thingie in the house. But I must say, damn, those are probably the ugliest carpets I’ve seen in a long time. Fniss.

  2. Looks good, like a Bedouin couch. I imagine you wearing a fez, reclining against the wall rug, smoking a hookah and reading a volume of poetry.

  3. Hmmm…actually it’s ugly as hell, isn’t it? Maybe I’ll just keep the one on the floor and give the other one away for medical experiments.

  4. Buy some big plain coloured cushions to place on the rugs and voila – you have your very own cozy corner to slouch around in and ponder on your heartache…

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